Thursday, February 20, 2014


My work schedule is off from what I normally work this week so I weighed in Tuesday. My current weight is 267.8! Woot! -1.8 lbs. I was happy with that number. I ended up having to put my scale in the closet and only pull it out once a week because I get too caught up wanting to weigh myself daily and that's just not good at all! So, we shall see how I continue to do with the scale out of site (but never out of mind). 

However, despite the happy weight loss I am frustrated with myself this morning because I came home stressed, tired, and frustrated and binge ate. Afterwards when I snapped out of it and logged everything... I had consumed 700 (half a days worth of calories!!!!!) calories...and was it worth it? No....did it make me feel better? No!!!

I'm frustrated but I recognize that I just need to come up with better coping mechanisms, recognizing a binge is coming on, and a plan to nip it in the bud before it turns into the full blown binge that just happened. I definitely think a part of this is that I haven't worked out the past two days because I haven't gotten out of bed early enough before I go to work to hit the road running, or hit the gym...that will change this afternoon when I wake up and before I go to work!! It's not an option! To the gym I must go!

Well, if I didn't have to catch some shut eye I would write more but as it would be I do have to get my beauty sleep so I may be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my patients this evening!

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