Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The truth hurts!

Oh my goodness...it has been a while since I've taken the time to sit down and write. It's not that I haven't necessarily had the time as much as I haven't wanted to write about the latest and not so greatest on my journey! I feel like since November I've been writing nothing but bad reports...but you know what...I'm done feeling sorry for myself and I'm ready to really get back on track. So here it goes! Two weeks ago I weighed 212...last week I weighed 208.8...this week I weighed in at 209.2. I'd like to be real coy and act like I have no idea why I have gained so much weight in the matter of a few weeks but I freaking know why...I have not been working out as much as I need to and I sure as heck have not been tracking my calories...I'm pretty sure I've had some significant 2500-3500 calorie days lately! That's just me keeping it real...the truth hurts!

I went for a run with my sister today and thought that I had to be running at at least a 10:30 pace by the way I was breathing...yeah I looked at my watch and it said my pace was 11:35!!! DANG IT! So what now?! Well, I've got to write out my schedule and start to write in and make time for my workouts. I've got to count every single calorie I place in my mouth as much of a pain as that can be. I've just got to do it. I keep thinking back to when I was doing really well and wonder what I was doing to succeed...I was doing what had to be done regardless of whether or not I felt like doing it. When I was exhausted after a long day at work I still went to the gym. When there was cake and ice cream and soda all around at work I only ate what I brought and said, "NO!". That's what I've got to get back to doing. 

I'm in the process of finding a bike to purchase so I can start mixing up my cross-training. I also have started taking a class at Defined called Body Pump...which freaking rocks! I really want to try and build lean muscle because I know that'll be a huge help on my weight loss journey. I also just talked to my sister Erika this afternoon and she mentioned a triathlon in Alabama this September...I've always wanted to do a triathlon but have just been talk so far and no action...so I'm tired of talking and ready to put my actions where my mouth is! So as long as my time off gets approved at work I'm doing this triathlon with her!! I'm really excited for it...it's a little bit farther than the sprint distance...they call it intermediate so it's a 1.5k swim and 40k bike and a 6 mile run!! So I'm praying my time off is approved so I can purchase my spot in the race! 

So, am I where I want to be? No. But I think I can safely say I'm ready to get back on track. My words mean nothing though...I've got to back it all up with my actions and I've got to get serious about it again! Here are a few pictures I'll share! I'll try and write a little more frequently but I am in the middle of orienting on my new unit so that does take up a little more time currently...but I'll try and write more than I have in the last few weeks! ;) Have a great day...enjoy the pictures!

Full frontal!! :)
Side view!

Me and Abs on our 4-mile run

View on our run in my most favorite place: The Bosque!!