Sunday, April 27, 2014


So normally Sundays are my day off..but Wednesday I get to pick my momma up from the airport after I get of work which means I won't be able to workout Wednesday I'm starting my week early so I can take Wednesday off! This means that today was my first day of Sprints! Some of you may remember that my dear brother, David, helped me put together/come up with a training plan for me for the half-marathon and on some of the days he included hill training or sprints! Today was my first day of sprints! So my plan said I was to do:
- 10 minute warm up
- 6 x 100 (6 sets of sprinting 100 meters)
- 4 x 200 (4 sets of sprinting 200 meters)
- 2 x 300 (you get the picture)
- 2 x 400
- 10 minute cool down
Being the procrastinator that I am I did not get out the door for my workout until after I watched Call the Midwife *guilty pleasure* and so I had to settle for the treadmill over a track...I'm pretty sure the track would be a lot better (seeing as how I have to pace myself) but I knew that this was better than nothing. I ended up writing up a cheat sheet for myself so I knew the actual distances to run (in miles) and took that with looked a little something like this:

The underlined number is the miles I sprint and the non-underlined
numbers are the miles I walk
I will be honest initially I was disappointed with myself, I ran the first 6 x 100 at 6.5 mph but then the rest I had to run at 6.0 mph. I think I was disappointed because I wanted to go faster...I thought to myself, "Ugh, really?! That's only a 10 minute lame that that is a sprint for me!" and then I proceeded to slap myself in the face and had to remind myself that I can't start where I am not at! Sprinting for me is at a 6.0-6.5....and THATS OKAY!! I can't start where I wish I was, where I think I should be, or where I eventually hope to be...I have to start where I am! Once I got over that little spat I actually enjoyed my went by rather fast! My watch was a little off today...but I finished the 3.40 miles in 43 minutes. (side note: I looked up on the Garmin website and apparently the more I run outside with the GPS the more it automatically re-calibrates the accelerometer to my running the more I use it outside the more accurate it will become inside!) 

I really liked my heart rate graph from todays run! You can basically get the gist of my run from it:

Heart Rate
8:2016:4025:0033:2041:4050:0058:2080100120140160Heart Rate (bpm)

I had 14 sets of sprints...and my heart rate jumps up 14 times! :D What I like how fast it comes back down..aka...the ultimate sign of cardiovascular conditioning! And this is what I looked like afterwards (and no I didn't have to dump water on me this time...this is all just pure mojo):

That means tomorrow I have a cross-training day...get to work more on those guns! :D Oh..and I read 3 chapters last night in my book...It's such an easy, inspiring, and all-around great book! One page in I had to stop and grab a highlighter (which I RARELY do) because there's such a wealth of information. A lot is info that I have learned just in being on this weight loss journey..but it's really nice to have a confirmation from professionals! Some great quotes/advice from this book (Lose weight, get fit, and have fun! The Runner's Wordl Big Book of Running for Beginners by Jennifer Van Allen, Bart Yasso, and Amby Burfoot, with Pamela Nisevich Bede, RD, CSSD) are, "You are the captain of your own ship, and you get to choose what course you want to follow." (so true! I can't make someone steer in the direction I think they should go...they need to decide what route they will take...because in the end they live with their consequences).... "While research has shown that runners generally have low rates of depression, it's the flip side of the coin that I find more impressive: Running gives you more energy and self-confidence. Running teaches you that you can accomplish more than you ever imagined possible." (I can say this is true first hand...and if you ask my sister, Erika, and my brother, David, and my sister-in-law, Elise)!..."you succeed in running when you put all your determination and self-discipline into it, and the exact same qualities will help you succeed at anything else you pursue: education, work, art, family, community, and more." (I again can speak to the truth of this statement, I am halfway through finishing my BSN while working full time as charge nurse (promotion...yay!)...and while working full-time to lose weight!)'s the last quote I will share (I'm telling you this book is amazing!), "To succeed in running, you need only one thing: a strong mind...It's the mental task that is sometimes difficult and always crucially important. If you have the drive and determination to become a runner you will succeed. You don't need a big heart, a thin waist, or strong legs. You only need the will to put your body in motion and to follow a sensible plan...But those (in the book) pages can't give you the most important factor of all: willpower. That's where you come in. Only you can hitch your mind to a beginning-running plan and resolve to get going. And not stop until you reach your goal.

There you have it! That should give you plenty to think about until I write again! :D

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sassy Pants!

Today I had my 4-mile endurance run and I procrastinated doing it because it was a blustery day outside...and I was being lazy...and using the blustery weather as an excuse! When my friend texted me asking if I wanted to hang out this evening I knew I could no longer put off my I headed to the gym to the treadmill to put in my miles! One thing I do not like about running inside is the lack of moving air...haha...kinda ironic seeing as how I didn't run outside because the air was moving too much...hmm!!! Either way I decided that I wanted to be done in less than 50 minutes so I set the treadmill to 4.8 (12:30 pace) and did not allow myself to move the pace at all! I am really happy today because my watch tracked my run perfectly!! I forgot to start it until a mile into my run so I technically went 4.16 miles according to the treadmill...but I wanted my watch to say 4 miles...I know, call me crazy! So here's my graphs from today!


Avg Pace



8:2016:4025:0033:2041:4050:0008:0012:0016:0020:0024:0028:00Pace (min/mi)

Heart Rate


8:2016:4025:0033:2041:4050:00120130140150160170180Heart Rate (bpm)

I think the reason my heart rate got so high near the end is simply because I was nasty is it sounds I would take a sip from my water bottle, cup my hands, spit into my hands, and splash it on my face! It was super hot...because in all reality I was not that winded on this run! Was my head trying to tell me that I couldn't finish? Yes...Did I tell it to stick it where the sun don't shine? Yes...I told myself..."Girl put on your sassy slowing down until you're finished!" I just envisioned myself running 13.1 miles with Erika, Drew, Ben, and Amanda...and that kept me from quitting! Oh...and I finished in 49 minutes and 53's that for finishing in under 50 minutes?! :D 

So next Sunday is the Run For The Zoo 5k! I can hardly believe it's almost here! I'm really excited! In the Dallas Half Marathon Relay I ran my 5K in 37:13 which is right at a 12 minute mile...I definitely think I had some adrenaline going that day! I'm hoping I can either match that time or beat it! Either way...I'm just happy that I will be running the entire thing! :D 

I was happy with my run I took a picture of me and my sassy self (after I cleaned up of course..I am not one of those *cough Elise cough* who runs miles without breaking a sweat *how disgusting and unfair is that?!*)....

Some call my sass attitude (which it can definitely be...sometimes)...but I call my sass a's getting me places. Slowly but surely...and most definitely one day, one step, one bite, one second at a time!

Oh! I just got a new book from Runners World that I'm super excited to read and share with you all what I learn from it. The article that I shared a few posts ago actually came from this book. Runner's World Big Book of Running for Beginners: Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Have Fun is the name of the book...I've skimmed through it and I think it's going to be a quick, informative, fun read! So I will share with you all in my next post! :D