Thursday, February 27, 2014

and you get back up

The awesome part about being a nurse is that you can work the beginning of this week and the end of next week which means 6 days off!! Woohoo!! After sleeping off my nursing hangover I decided to start my days off right and run my farthest distance so I had talked to David earlier this morning and I told him that it was my goal to go 6 miles today! So with my word on the line and a relay quickly approaching I hit the treadmill. I had wanted to run on the bosque trail but I got up too late and it would've been dark halfway through my run! The treadmill it was! I brought my portable DVD player and watched The Help (love that movie) while I trotted away! 

I was feeling great and was 3.5 miles into my run and all the sudden my right knee just gave out from underneath me! It happened so fast I had absolutely no time to realize what was happening to me until I was literally being shot out to the ground via the treadmill's belt!! Thank goodness my little DVD player didn't go flying off with me too...and my headphones just yanked right out of my ears! Now of course this couldn't happen while I was there by myself...and let me just say that my apartment's gym is mini and it is a rare day when there is another person in there! I biffed it while not only one but two other individuals were there! One girl was to my left on the other treadmill and the other girl was behind me to the left on the elliptical! I jumped back up and hopped back on to the treadmill and laughed out loud (no really, I did laugh out loud!) and the girl to my left said, "are you okay?" to which I replied, "oh yeah, just wanted to make sure you guys didn't get too bored during your workout!" ....neither laughed, or smiled, I guess I wasn't convincing enough! 

I continued on my merry little way, and thought that the worst was behind me and at mile 4.2 all the sudden my knee gave out again and I was eating carpet yet again! It all happened so fast and yet it was like it was in slow motion. All the sudden I was trying to catch myself and before I had time to catch myself I was falling to the treadmills belt, and that thing just spits you out like you're nothing and throws you onto the ground...all before you even realize what is happening to you! Jumping back up I said, "Okay, if that doesn't make you guys laugh, then I don't know what will, but I'm done putting on a show!!" ...thankfully that time they laughed...and I was able to move on...humbled yet again! I've never had this problem before with my knee giving out with no cause and so at mile 4.5 I had a serving of Gatorade's energy chews (I always carry something with me just in case). I had eaten 2 clementines before my run, but I had just woken up and wasn't that hungry, plus I don't like to eat much before I workout because it makes me feel sluggish! I don't know if that was the problem, but I felt better after having those and I didn't fall again...I may have tripped when stepping off the treadmill, but I've never claimed to be graceful! 

My experience today just reminded me of my weight loss journey. You know just when you think you're doing great and that everything is under control you get a huge curve-ball thrown at how do you respond when life gets you down? Do you roll around and make mud angels? Do you crawl off to the sidelines and call it quits, or do you get back up and keep going? Sometimes the best thing we can do is just laugh at ourselves, pick ourselves up and keep going. Plus I'm a firm believer in the saying, "blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused!"

So after all that I finished 6 miles in 80 minutes. A 13:20 pace which I am proud of, especially given the obstacles I faced! Here are a few battle scars I accumulated along the way...

my right knee

my left knee

but hey...I'm still standing!!!

Well I am glad I had something to write about and the time to write it! :D Until next time...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So that's what it feels like!

I weighed in yesterday. I did not lose this week. Still at 267.8. I don't feel as bad not losing this week because I know my diet has not been what it should. So, I'm determined to get back on track and lose this week! Too keep myself from getting discouraged I took into consideration that over the last 90 days I have lost 30 lbs! Could it be more? Yes! Could it be less? Yes! I continually remind myself that even though I've got so far to go I have come this far!

It's easy to get discouraged! Every day is a decision to make right choices, exercise, and make better decisions that will be beneficial in the long run! Yesterday I did not want to workout before going to work but I knew I had to! Having a race coming up really helps motivate me! It was a really good run, I felt strong, had a good pace, and was able to keep control over my breathing (we all know how I am about my breathing!!!) Now I just have to make myself get up before work tonight and do my cross-training day! These days are a little easier than my running days I just love lifting weights...I try and remind myself of this love when it's 3 pm and I do not want to get out of bed...snooze is way more fun to do!

Before My Run!
Yesterdays run was nice because I just felt like I could keep going. I'm supposed to be running for 5 minutes and then walking for 1 minute, but I felt so good that I ran for 20 minutes and then on and off the rest of my run! All I could think was, "so this is what it feels like to be a runner!!" I really could've kept going but I think I ended up psyching myself out. Sometimes I think it's harder to run then walk then run just because my muscles tend to get tense after I have stopped running and then it's like I have to warm them up again when I start running again...if that makes sense! Basically I just can't wait for the day when I can just run without having to do walking intervals!

So I had to go shopping the other day for a pair of dress pants and a shirt because I had an interview...I will post a picture of me in my pants that used to fit me perfectly that I wore for my interview in September 2012! I am between size 18-20...I had been between 24-26 (depending on the brand and store) I was also excited because I tried on a dress that was a size 16 and it fit perfectly! I can't remember the last time I fit into a size 16!!!

Size 16!!
When I got home from my run yesterday I came home to find a gift from my brother (David) and sister-in-law (Elise)! They sent me the Better Homes Cook Book! I'm super excited, it has so much information on cooking in general plus what I really love is that it has the calorie count all ready of the items in the book! I am so grateful for their generosity.

Alright, well I do believe that's quite enough pictures of me for one post ;) I'm hoping to be able to post a little sooner than I have been. You know I'm busy with work and school when I don't have time to write! :D T.T.F.N "Ta-Ta For Now"

Thursday, February 20, 2014


My work schedule is off from what I normally work this week so I weighed in Tuesday. My current weight is 267.8! Woot! -1.8 lbs. I was happy with that number. I ended up having to put my scale in the closet and only pull it out once a week because I get too caught up wanting to weigh myself daily and that's just not good at all! So, we shall see how I continue to do with the scale out of site (but never out of mind). 

However, despite the happy weight loss I am frustrated with myself this morning because I came home stressed, tired, and frustrated and binge ate. Afterwards when I snapped out of it and logged everything... I had consumed 700 (half a days worth of calories!!!!!) calories...and was it worth it? No....did it make me feel better? No!!!

I'm frustrated but I recognize that I just need to come up with better coping mechanisms, recognizing a binge is coming on, and a plan to nip it in the bud before it turns into the full blown binge that just happened. I definitely think a part of this is that I haven't worked out the past two days because I haven't gotten out of bed early enough before I go to work to hit the road running, or hit the gym...that will change this afternoon when I wake up and before I go to work!! It's not an option! To the gym I must go!

Well, if I didn't have to catch some shut eye I would write more but as it would be I do have to get my beauty sleep so I may be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my patients this evening!

Monday, February 17, 2014


You definitely know when I am working…because I have no time to write!

What a week it has been! I am trying to refocus on my diet and trying to be very careful with counting my calories. It’s easy to get lazy and just swipe a finger through the peanut butter, the unfortunate thing however is that a single swipe can be 120+ calories! Yikes! So even though it’s very tempting not to weigh out my portions I’m trying to be diligent about it. This past week I cooked several meals ahead of time for work. I really enjoyed being able to grab them out of my fridge and go; so I’m going to work on preparing meals ahead of time, especially when it comes to preparing my work lunches!!

I have so much on my mind and so much that I want to share but a comment that was made to me the other day has had me thinking. Someone said, “You’re doing great losing weight, that must make it easier to love your body!” Now I know this comment was said in the most innocent manner and without any harm intended. But it made me think…why do we feel that we can only love ourselves when we are at a certain weight? This doesn’t even have to apply to weight. I’ve heard people say they won’t truly be happy or satisfied until they have a certain job, make so much money, get married and have so many children…you get the picture.

This past week especially I have been questioning my motives behind my weight loss. I’ve been doing this because if I don’t have something worth fighting for then it will never last. I’ve already shared some of my history with you and I have to daily remind myself of those things. I’m losing weight so I can be the healthiest version of me, so I can be an example, so I can no longer be the abused or the victim, so that I can forgive myself, so I can stand up for myself. So when the comment that I mentioned was said to me it got me thinking…when is it okay to love yourself?

If someone were to ask me 10 things that I dislike about myself I could list them in an instant. On the other hand, if you asked me to list 10 things about myself that I love my most likely response would be, *stare into space* *silence* *sheepish half-grin* and then the words, “uhhh….”

What do we have to do to prove to ourselves and show that we are worth being loved, and not just loved by the individuals around us, but by ourselves too! I am going to share a little of what is on my heart. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, he sent his Son to die on the cross to die for my sins because he loves me! Even as the imperfect, obese, failure that I have seen myself as in the past. He loves me…and HE loves every man and woman, boy and girl that walk the face of this earth. For that reason alone do I know that we all deserve to love ourselves regardless of where we are in our lives. There is no right time to choose to love yourself because the time is now. The time is now! We need to forgive ourselves, except that we are human and imperfect, except that there will be days, weeks when we don’t eat what we should, when we don’t make it to the gym, when we don’t lose a single pound or we even gain back some of the weight…

Now I know I’m getting deep but I have been struggling with this all week. In the past when looking in the mirror all I would see was disgust and frustration…now I’m looking and I’m seeing possibility and triumph. Last week all I saw was a failure when I didn’t lose a pound…this week I see determination and forgiveness. Last week I only saw how far I had to go…this week I see how far I’ve come and I’m so proud.

This is a life long journey and if I can’t love myself along the way then it is all in vain. So I am starting by listing 10 things that I love about me:

11)    I love that I am on this journey
22)    I love that I am tall and have blue eyes
33)    I love that I can run longer and faster each day
44)    I love the way that I feel after I exercise
55)    I love finding the strength in me I didn’t know I had
66)    I love the fact that I smile…a lot!
77)    I love that I am a nurse
88)    I love being a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a granddaughter
99)    I love that I found pants that don’t chafe when I workout (hehehe)
110)I love that I get to learn something new each day
111)*bonus* I love that I started this blog, the friends that I have to share in the struggles of this journey, and the words of love, encouragement, and support everyone has shown!
112)*one more bonus* I love that each day that I commit to exercise and healthy eating that regardless of what the scale reflects I am making positive changes and lasting effects in my life!
113) *okay just one more* I love that my resting HR is 45!!! Super awesome, just a few months ago it was 70's!!

Oh yeah!!!

How about you? I challenge you do list 10 things (you don’t have to share with me…take some time for yourself) and really take the opportunity to love on yourself! I can love on someone until I’m blue in the face, but if they don’t love themselves, they will never understand or fully appreciate the love I have to give!

Okay, so thanks for putting up with my rant…here’s a picture of me and my sister before I went for my run…I told her that when I got back I would wring out my headband with the sweat I collected, I don’t think she believed me. When I got home and squeezed about ½ cup (yes I measured) of sweat she was thoroughly disgusted and I was thoroughly proud of myself (mostly proud for being able to disgust my little sister…oh the love of an older sister!!)

"is this thing on?"

About to soak that headband in sweat!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So It Goes...

Today I weighed in at 269.6 which means 0 pounds lost or gained. 

A part of me wants to wallow in a pint of ice cream and feel sorry for myself, another part of me wants to slap me in the face and say look at the food choices you made this week, are you really surprised? And then the realistic part of me says this is weight loss, contrary to popular belief and and the lies magazines and weight loss commercials tell us, this is not an easy process; so, yes, you can: a) wallow in self-pity...b) beat yourself up and quit or c) recognize the process and the difficulties of it, make a change, and keep going! 

After a great mental debate, pacing back and forth between my pantry and my living room, looking at some pictures of me almost 50 pounds heavier I decided to keep going and forgo feeling sorry for myself and eating myself to a happier place (or what used to be my happy place). Back to measuring every little thing I place in my mouth and continuing on my fitness goals. Focus, strength, and determination. Those are the words I shall repeat to myself throughout the week whenever I'm feeling that I cannot go on or simply want to quit. 

I wish I had more to say today but I really don't. I got to spend the evening with my younger siblings, nephews and mom last night, so I'm catching up on homework that I have let pile up this week. But I do have a picture from last's always fun to be with family!! Initially it was just going to be me and my sister in the picture, but anytime anyone in my family hears to word, "picture" they immediately jump out of their chairs and run to get in on the action as here some of us are...

Sam, Me, Abbie, and Adrian (in front) :D

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mind over Mudder!

The dirty dash team name was indeed decided by a coin toss Heads (Mind over Mudder) or Tails (Dirt for Dessert)...I used an online coin simulation too so it was clearly unbiased!! :D If you would like to join my team Mind Over Mudder the link will take you to the registration page and you select register now and join an existing team...or you can create your own team and we can all celebrate at the finish line together!! :D

So today I got measured when I went to Zumba and in two weeks I have lost 1.5" from my bust, 1" from my waist, and 2" from my hips! I don't know how my weigh in will go tomorrow, I haven't had any binges or gone over my calorie limit, but I did eat out this week more than I have been...and I just never feel like I get a 100% accurate count of my calories...whereas when I'm at home and I am measuring everything out as I make it I know precisely what I am consuming. The scale will not lie tomorrow! :D 

Now I know it's my cross-training day but I always feel like I can do so much more (as far as burning calories, expending energy) on my off-days from running. I normally go to Zumba with my friend Jackie on Tuesdays to mix up the routine...and for a break from the mundane...With that said, I gave into the temptation to beat my mile run from last week (11:24) and smacked it in the face with this bad boy:

Check out that (n)ever interesting wall I have to gaze at as I run!

So everyone always asks me what I eat...truth is I still eat whatever I want, just within moderation. Today is the first day I made a "special shake" I got done lifting weights, and running, and before that I had been at I decided to make a protein shake. I'm not a huge protein shake girl...normally it just tastes nasty to me so I don't eat it! Today I decided to give it a second chance, and I'm glad I did. I made a chocolate peanut butter protein shake:
1 cup almond milk
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (serving size)
1 TBSP chocolate pudding mix
2 TBSP PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
1/4 tsp each guar gum and xanthan gum (gives shake thick consistency)
then about 10 ice cubs
Blend it all up and it's almost (but not quite) like an ice cream shake!! :D
For a total of 300 calories and 23 grams of protein

There you have it, a Maggie-Made Shake! No comparison to real ice cream, but for now, it will do, and it's so thick you have to eat it with a spoon!! 

You know, I was just thinking how lucky I am. I was just texting my sister, Erika, telling her how I couldn't wait to run with her to which she replied, "you already can"...truth is I've been running with her my entire life. She continually supports, encourages, and lifts me up. When I was in high school and she was super cool, had a job, and lived on her own she would come over in the morning and would walk/run with me on the bike path...I could always count on her..and I know the same stands for today...except we're states I run with her in spirit for now. What I really can't wait for is to be able to run with her without having to stop to walk, or catch my breath, or slow down!

I'm also extremely fortunate because 5 weeks from Sunday I will be running a half-marathon relay (7.1 miles) with my sister-in-law, Elise while my brother, David runs his half-marathon and is going to crush his PR!!!!! 

It's good to take a step back, look at the support of the loved ones around you, and appreciate each and every one of them! I'm so thankful, I'm so loved, I'm so overwhelmed I think I could I hope I can give back as much as you have all given to me! Hebrews 12:1 says, " Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" 

Perseverance, what a beautiful word. Perseverance is defined (by google..hehe) as, "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." So whatever your struggle is, no matter how many times you have started over, regardless of the times you've hit ground zero, keep going, run the race, keep your head up, and above all get back up and persevere...because there are people all around waiting to cheer you on!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Becoming a Fighter

Finding free time to write is not always easy so I will catch you up on the last few days. I’m deciding between Dirt for Dessert and Mind over Mudder for my dirty dash team name. I will make a decision by tonight and start the team tonight and let you know tomorrow the final decision (most likely decided by a coin toss)! I am super excited by the amount of interest people are showing in joining me for my third dirty dash! It’s going to be amazing…and ones you get dirty you will wonder why you waited to so long to sign up! J

I got off work yesterday morning and went home and took a 45-minute nap and then got up and went with my friend Krystal to a Zumbathon! She works at a credit union and they were hosting the Zumba event. All the money they raised went to the school that hosted the party…so it was a great workout and a great cause! This went from 1p-4p! 3 hours (technically 2.5 hours) of dancing around, having fun, and burning calories! 

Today I ran 5 miles in 71 minutes and averaged a 13:50 pace. Not too shabby! Halfway through my run I started thinking how running is very symbolic of the weight-loss process. (before I write my thoughts I just want to say how exciting it was to be able to actually think of something other than my breathing while I was running!) Every day my runs become less physically challenging (I still have quite a ways to go but I’m not where I was when I first started) and each run becomes increasingly mentally challenging. Like weight loss every day you are becoming lighter and healthier and closer to your goal weight and each day it proves to be even more mentally challenging to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. In running it’s easy to get discouraged by someone who is way ahead of you, there’s that deep longing to be where they’re at and to be able to keep up with them, and then there’s the person that’s still behind you and for a moment you’re proud of where you are and how far you’ve made it. This is similar to weight loss where it’s easy to be discouraged when you see individuals who have already lost the weight and realize how far you still have to go but then are quickly reminded by those who are just starting out how far you have made it, regardless of how far you have to reach your goal!

I’ve had a thought/topic that I wanted to share, I just wasn’t sure when I would share it and today it came up again so I figure what better time to share with you all! I wrote this a while back when I was contemplating writing this blog…brace yourself this is another long one!

Sometimes people just need to keep their mouths shut…or as Thumper’s mother taught him, “If you can’t say nothing nice…don’t say nothing at all!” I’m writing this because I have experienced some harsh words from individuals that I’ve never even met in my life and I want to be an encouragement to others who may have encountered the same thing.

I don’t know why people feel they can freely yell, comment, or holler at someone while they’re exercising. Especially an overweight person who is outside, self-conscious of every jiggle, and attempting to run/walk…and minding their own business! I’ve had three different instances (now four) where people have yelled at me as I’m exercising outside.

The first time this happened to me I was about 310 pounds and still in nursing school. I was running on the bike path and came to a crossroad. I was running to the crosswalk and a guy in a black truck sticks his head out his window, throws his (thankfully empty) fast food cup and trash at me and yells, “KEEP RUNNING FAT B!%*H, YOU’RE F@#$%*G NASTY!!!” I was so hurt and wounded that all I could do was keep running, I wanted to run away from those nasty words that stung my heart, I wanted to run away from those feeling of insecurity that are continually trying to reclaim me as their hostage. While those words hurt and stung I was also thankful they had been said to me and not someone else. I was able to remind myself who I know who I am and why I do what I do. I was able to remind myself that I was worth fighting for. I was hurt, but I wasn’t discouraged, I was spat on, but I wasn’t defeated.

The second time I was yelled at I was going along golf course that has a road running east to west. I was headed East, so I was facing cars headed West. I was about 295 pounds and had just gotten back into exercising…so I was in the middle of a running interval and was having a mental battle within. Everything within me wanted to quit. So I’m sure you could see the struggle on my face and right as I’m ready to just quit and walk a car drives by, rolls down their window and yells, “QUIT WHILE YOU’RE NOT AHEAD!” Little do they know they actually gave me the determination to run 1 minute longer than I thought I could. Again I was thankful I was the one that took the brunt of these careless words yelled at a young woman clearly making an effort to change her life. I am thankful because I can see and hear past their comments. It doesn’t make the words hurt any less, but I was so determined that I wouldn’t let their words stop me…whereas those words could be the final straw for someone trying to make a change!

So what was the third thing that someone yelled at me? Well I was on the same path as above running alongside the golf course and in the middle of my run, I’m fighting to make it up the hill!! When a woman riding a bike heading the opposite direction of me shouts, “YOU GO GIRL”:D Finally a someone with a beautiful heart. Her words gave me strength to push and keep running! I wish I could tell that girl how much her words meant to me. It’s not easy to get out and run in public being 100+ pounds overweight. There are times I have waited to run my interval until there are no cars driving by so that I don’t have to worry what someone might think, throw at me, or yell at me!

The fourth instance I’ve now experienced was today on my run. I was almost done with my run and a guy biking towards me laughed and hollered, “WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES?!” this time I wasn’t going to have the bullying and yelled back, “EATING MY DUST!” I’m at the point where I am fighting for myself. People can be rude, insensitive, and cruel but this blog has shown me how many more people are rooting and cheering for me! For that I am thankful!

So if you’ve unfortunately experienced someone’s lack of respect and momentary lapse in decency towards another human being do not be discouraged! Their words only add fuel to our fire! They confirm the reason we’re fighting…so that we can keep running, so that we can stand our ground, so that we can become the fighters we should’ve been our entire life!

Next time you’re on a run you may hear me yell, “WAY TO GO!” or “KEEP IT UP” “YOU’RE DOING AWESOME” or I may simply give a thumbs up! Because just putting on your workout clothes and taking those first steps out your door is some of the hardest steps you can take! It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but you can hold fast to the simple truth that you did it…you took the first step!

Friday, February 7, 2014

walk away...keep stepping not put that in your mouth

I didn't get the chance to write something before I went in to work last night but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to simply means there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything I wish I could! Wednesday evening into Thursday morning while staying up before going to bed for work Thursday morning I had to fight off the temptation to eat everything in site! I don't know that there was a particular trigger I was simply working on a school assignment and I got to thinking about the stresses of school, then I started thinking about my weight loss and how much farther I have to go (please understand I'm happy with my progress, I know I didn't get here overnight and I can't change overnight) and I just became overwhelmed. So...I logged into MFP (myfitnesspal app), looked at how many calories I had to spare, realized I didn't have any calories to spare! So I told my self, "walk away...keep stepping not put that in your mouth... grabbed an enormous glass of water, chugged it, got onto my computer, turned on music and did a little jig in my living room! HA! What a site! I think I looked like a mad woman but I don't care because I did not let my urge to binge defeat me! Hallelujah! All I could think is how much farther I would have if I was the 50+ pound heavier girl I was and while I still had to actively fight against my urge the need to eat everything in sight eventually subsided! 

I really don't think about my ultimate goal at this point because that's just too overwhelming. Right now I just take everything ten pounds at a time! My goal right now is to say goodbye to the 260's!! I'm glad I didn't give in to the temptation to binge eat but I still get frustrated dealing with the overwhelming need to stuff my face with anything and everything. I have a feeling that binges will be a lifelong challenge so all I can do is take it one day at a time! :D

Yesterday was my cross-training day. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 17 minutes of weight lifting. Then I rushed to get ready for work. I packed a lunch for work but ended up buying the "healthy burger" they had in the cafeteria. It was actually pretty good. It was basically a salad with a hamburger thrown on top! That sounded a little more appetizing than the tuna salad I had brought with me! :D 

I'm thankful today I just get to rest (aside from my plank and crunches challenge that I have to do)! That means this girl gets to sleep in! 6 hours of sleep here I come! I wish I had something more exciting to share but I'm too tired from the night to think straight! Hahaha...and I could be your nurse...

Oh...I almost it sounds like several people may be interested in joining my Dirty Dash team. I'm finalizing names so that people can register under my team before the 2/14 cheap price goes my name ideas so far: Dirt for Dessert, Did Someone Say Brownies?, A La Mud, Mind over Mudder...and that's the best I've come up with! Ideas, opinions, likes or dislikes welcome!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodbye 270's

Alright, first public weigh in! Today I said goodbye to the 270's and hello 269.6!! That's so weird for me to write, my dyslexic self, and the doubter in me tries to write 296, but I'm so glad and happy that would be wrong!! :) I would like to get to 250 by the time I run/walk my half-marathon relay which is in 6 weeks and 4 days. That would mean I would have to lose about 3 pounds a week. I've been consistently losing about 2 pounds a week so three pounds is pushing it but time will tell!!

Today it has been snowing in Albuquerque, so while I could've ran outside (it wasn't sticking to the ground or particularly heavy) I opted to run on the treadmill at my apartment's gym. I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. I made a little chart to give you an idea of my relationship that I have with the treadmill, or as I've heard it referred to as...the dreadmill!

I can set it to a pace and just go, no thinking about how fast I’m actually running
For the life of me I cannot run straight on a treadmill, I look like I’ve had one too many to drink!
I can go at any time…there are some days that I can’t run until late in the evening and it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about running outside in the dark, by myself!
My apt has the gym set up so the treadmill is in front of a wall!!! UGH! No TV, no window (except to the left), not even a mirror (it’s saying something when I would rather watch myself run than stare at a wall for 40+ minutes)!!!
There’s no excuse for me not to go workout!
I try so hard not to watch my time, but there are days when it seems like one minute lasts 3+ minutes because I keep looking at the darn timer!
There’s WIFI in the gym so that means I get to listen to Pandora while I run!! :D
There’s no gentle breeze blowing in your face like there is when you’re outside!

To make the treadmill a little more tolerable today I took my laptop and watched the season finale of biggest loser while I ran! Now if that doesn't motivate you, then I don't know what does! 

One last thought, today I got an email that the dirty dash registration is open! I'm super excited about that. I have gone the last two years and plan to go again this year! It's always so much fun and a great workout! Now I just have to think of a team name...hmmm...when I think of a name I will let you all know and you are more than welcome to join me!! My friend Krystal has done it each year with me too and last year my little sister Abbie joined us! Once you go muddy you never go back!! Registration is only $35 until 2/14!!! The race is August 23!! Here's a couple picture from my past dirty dashes! 

2013 Dirty Dash (Krystal, Me, Abbie)

Before the DD!

2012 Dirty Dash!!

How can you not just want to roll around in that?