Monday, September 29, 2014

New Journey!

Why look who we have a bit of spare time to throw together an update! I have a lot that I want to share so I will try to be as to the point as I can be! ;) I'm not excited to share this weeks weigh-in...but there's no hiding it. I'm at 218. Yeah, I used the, "I'm sick" excuse this week to slack on my workouts and not count calories. Now, was I really sick? Yeah...and I got my runs in...but I could've done better. I would start to count calories and then at the end of the day totally bow it on mindless/emotional/stress eating. I can definitely feel how my body does not like feeling this way...I'm bloated, bleck, and frustrated. I know, I'm full of great descriptives adjectives! So this past week back to counting every calorie I place in my mouth...and I'm thankfully feeling better so back to pushing myself! I have to remind myself of this:

NOW - not- Tomorrow
Now that I've given you my confession I can move on to the more exciting news I have to share! At work I have been able to encourage and motivate some of my fellow co-workers to start, continue, and maintain their fight to get fit. I've been asked multiple times by many different people to go workout with them. People ask me all the time what I've done to get where I am ( no attention to this past week). I'm asked regularly to be a workout partner, accountability buddy...and I can't begin to describe how flattered I am that people want me to help them on their journey. Well, I started wondering what I could do to be an encouragement to others and open up their eyes to what they're capable of. So I came up with a simple solution...Running club! I know I've mentioned before that I'd love to join a running club/team and just meet up with people and just run. So this is what I'm doing:

I'm super excited to start this journey. Right now I've told people to plan on meeting twice a month for a 1-3 mile run (just starting out) and then depending on response I will add more runs and increase distance. I've already had 12 people sign up which totally blows my mind. I would've been happy with 5 people!! I'd love to see how things go with the staff on my unit and if all goes well then I'd love to make it a unit-wide invitation. This Saturday we're going to have our first run and it's an understatement to say I'm ecstatic!! If you told me even 5 months ago that I'd be starting a running group I'd probably laugh in your face. It's fun to see the places this lifestyle change is taking me. 

In addition to starting up this running group I've also been asked by a fellow nurse to help her accomplish one of her goals to be in the best shape of her life by next year. She wants to complete a triathlon and asked me if I would do it with her...of course I had to say yes! I'm super excited to train for this. There's a sprint triathlon (750 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run) that occurs for women only in Rio Rancho every August...that'd be right before her birthday so it'd be perfect timing! I'm honored to be able to do this with her! This means one thing...gotta buy some lady junk protection for bike rides!! ;)

Despite my not feeling so hot this week I got my long run in (8 miles) and it was the best I've felt during any of my long distance runs. If the sun wasn't set by the time I finished I would've kept going. I didn't look at my watch (pace) the entire time because I just wanted to go at a pace that felt comfortable for me and so I was surprised when I finished at a 12:12 pace! Here's a picture I snapped at mile 5 (as you can tell I need more practice snapping pictures mid-run):

This week is week 25 of my training...time flies when you're having fun. Three more weeks until the Duke City Half Marathon! I can't believe it's almost here. I'm so excited that my entire family is going to be here for it! Yes, Dad (and his wife), Mom, Olivia, Erika & Drew, Ben & Amanda, David & Elise, John & Lauren, Me (of course), Sam, and Abbie!! And of course I can't forget my nephews..October 19 is going to be an unforgettable day! Alright, that's all I've got for week it'll be a more exciting weight loss post!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finding strength in my weakness

You know, some days I really hate that I decided to write this blog...because that means I have to share my successes and failures! I was prepared to write this blog with excuses tacked on along...and I'll share here in a minute why I've changed my mind. So this weeks weigh-in sucked...I gained 2 pounds!! That puts me at 217.8 this week. 

So what happened? I allowed myself to make poor decisions, and then I allowed those poor decisions to rule the rest of my day, and then they dictated how the rest of my week would go. We all have the excuse of leading busy and chaotic lives...I know all too well what that's like...but I also know how to avoid the situations I allowed myself in this past week. Instead of going for my run when I got off work I ate over my calorie limit. Even on days that I did run (and I missed a run this past week) I ate more than I should've and allowed my emotions to control my appetite rather than my self-control. There you have it.

So where does one go from here? Well out for a run, of course! I got up this morning at 0630 with my little sister and headed out the door for our 4.5 mile run! I've never been more proud of myself or more grateful for a run than I am today! We headed out the door and I started us out at a fast pace...Our first mile was ran in 10:37!! Our second mile was a little more of an incline so our second mile we ran at 11:33. Our third mile included a 2 minute walking interval to allow for some cramps to subside so that was ran in 13:02. The fourth mile I was just ready to push myself until I was done and so that mile was ran at 10:53 and for the last 0.5 miles I just pushed myself and ran that last 0.5 miles at a 9:26 pace!! So my average pace for this run was 11:17!

Why is my pace such a big deal? You know, I think that it's the fact that even in the midst of a crappy week I can still improve. Yeah last week sucked...but I just freaking ran 4.5 miles at an 11:17 pace...that's something I couldn't do even a few months ago! I love running because it shows you that there's always room for improvement and even in weeks when you feel like you've blown it you're just one run away from getting back on track! I wish I could put into words how amazing it feels to be able to push yourself and watch your body respond in such a positive feels so much better than chocolate, ice cream, cookie butter, or bread taste...and I know you're sitting there rolling your eyes at me because I used to roll my eyes too...but it's so true! The strength, confidence, and empowerment that running gives you is like nothing you've ever felt before! Running helps you find strength in your weaknesses! 

So I have to take a minute to brag on someone! I've heard so many people tell me they can't run. My response is always, "yes you can!" I think we all struggle with the idea that you have to be fast to be considered a runner! Let me tell you...for the longest time my run was a 15 minute mile or a 4.0 on the treadmill! For some of you it may be a run at a 3.5!! It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are...and you don't have to be breathless for it to be considered a run! With that having been said...I went on a walk this week with my was in the middle of the afternoon so it was already warm out ~ 83 degrees. She told me that earlier that week on one of her walks that she ran on her way home...and so on our way home she told me she wanted to run a little! She totally amazed me and ran 0.3 miles without stopping!! :) It was amazing to watch and super exciting! She kept asking me, "is this considered a run?!" Yes, mom, that was a run! She told me she kept reminding herself of my shirt that says, "I RUN: I'm slower than internet explorer on a 90's dial-up connection...BUT I RUN!" It's so true...I love that shirt because it's true! Running is one of the most welcoming and inviting sports out if you think you can't be a runner or that it's impossible for you to run...think again...because I know there's a runner deep down in all of us!

Alright I'll get off my high-horse! What am I doing to get back on track this week? Aside from running when I'm supposed to...I'm thawing out some chicken, I'm going to roast some corn, and make up my lunches for this week so that I am prepared for whatever this week has to throw at me. I'm portioning out my Greek yogurt for my morning breakfasts and I'm going to make a stop at the grocery store for some fresh veggies and fruit! With that said I've got to R-U-N-N-O-F-T!

Oh hey..real quick...I wanted to share this picture...I never really would've had the confidence to wear this in public before...nothing like the state fair to bring out the country in a person:


Monday, September 8, 2014

Weigh In

Monday is already here! I don't know how it managed to sneak up so fast...but it did! So first things first today I weighed in at 215.4 so that put me down 3.6 pounds since my last weigh in! Super happy with that number and as always I'm hoping to keep up the momentum going into this week. I'm really motivated to keep up the hard work because all of my family is coming into town for the Duke City Half Marathon October 19 which is just 5 weeks away!! I can hardly believe that it's almost here. More than the race I'm just excited to be with my siblings...we're loud, obnoxious, crazy, hilarious, and a little stinky...but hey, nobody is perfect!

I had so much fun yesterday...I think a part of the reason I enjoyed the day so much is because I could feel that fall is in the air! Fall is seriously my favorite time of the year. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because you can literally run anytime of the day and it's always the perfect weather! It is not uncommon for you to find me at the local farmers market just chilling by the green chile roasters taking in the smell, colors, and people! Love it all! So yesterday I spent as much of the day outside as possible! Spent the afternoon strolling around uptown with my mom, brother (Ben), and sister-in-law (Amanda)...then Ben, Amanda, and myself went to my favorite place in here in Albuquerque, the Bosque and enjoyed an afternoon/evening stroll! It was want someone to go with you on a walk in the Bosque...I'm your girl! I was so surprised at how many plants had grown from the little rain we got...there were tons of wildflowers and parts of my favorite paths were overgrown with was crazy but I loved every last bit of it! Here are some pictures:

Strolling through town

As close to a beach as we get here in NM! But a gorgeous view from the Bosque, nonetheless !

Me, Amanda, and Ben

I know, I should've been on wheel of fortune!! hehe...showcasing some wildflowers!
Clearly I may have had a little too much fun...and I may have been a little loud and crazy...but that's just what I do best! So on that's to a week of running, pushing, pulling, and making smart choices!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Catching up!

Alright, I'm still alive...and breathing! If you hadn't guessed I started school again and things just get super busy and crazy when school starts back up which then leads to me having far less time to keep y'all updated! So I know I missed my last two weeks I will fill you in. Two weeks ago I lost a pound and was at 219...this past week I didn't lose so I'm still at 219 as of Monday! No excuses...just lack of good food choices and not as intense workouts. Simple as that. I'm pulling for a good weigh-in this week...I'm sure my 10-mile run in the morning will help with that! 

Every day closer to under 200!
Alright so I didn't get to share how the dirty dash went! Y'all know how much I love the dirty dash. There's just something about getting super muddy...pushing people you don't know from Adam out of a mud pit...flopping (in my case) over walls....hopping over hay...the whole experience is simply marvelous! I was really happy this year because they mixed up the course from the previous years...the last two years it was pretty much the same course and obstacles so it was really nice to have a change in scenery! I had lots of favorite parts but one of the best parts was when this poor kid was stuck at the very top of this tall wall that you have to climb up...and then flip over and go back down...well it gets pretty intimidating when you're at the very top and a little scary when you have to flip over to the other side! This poor kid is freaking out and all the sudden everyone just starts cheering for him and telling him that he's got it...and his (I'm assuming) dad climbs up and tells him he can do it...and sure enough...that little kid made it over the hump and crushed it! I love seeing things like that! So here are a few pictures from the dirty dash. I went with my good friend Krystal and her friend Cathy. Our team name was "Mind over Mudder" so we made some team shirts too!




Yes, a good time was had by all! I can't wait to sign up for next year! My friend Krystal was a trooper...she wasn't feeling so hot and yet she still got out there and got dirty with us! I have a funny story to share: so there's a huge slip 'n slide about halfway through the run and every year I've only been able to make it about a third of the way down before I have to stand up and run the rest of the way I was expecting the same thing this time. So I get my running start, leap into the air, and start riding the water down on my stomach...expecting to come to a screeching halt halfway through...well, much to my surprise the farther along I went the more speed I picked up...and of course there had to be a girl ahead of me running...sliding..getting back up, running some more and sliding some more...I try to grab on to the slide and slow myself down but I somehow only make myself go I start yelling, "I can't stop! I'm sorry! Lookout! I'm gonna hit you! I can't stop!" see where this is going? She takes another leap and starts sliding a little more and then looks back as I freaking bulldoze her over and we both go flying into the mud pit in front of us! Yeah, needless to say she did not think it was that funny! I wanted to say, "hey, at least it wasn't last year that I ran you may not have survived!" but I didn't...I kept my head down and started running! ;) reminded me of my basketball days and setting a good screen for my point guard!! Good times! :D

I can't believe that the Duke City will be here in 6 weeks! Time sure has flown! I'm extremely excited for the run...but even more than that I'm excited to run with my family. I can't even begin to say how amazing it is that my brothers and sisters will be running by my side! More than that though...I'm just excited to be together with all of my siblings! It's going to be so amazing to be of the downsides to having 4 brothers and 3 sisters is that it's very difficult to get everyone together...and I'm beyond ecstatic!

Well, that's about all that I've got for now! I will leave you all with a picture from the other evening! I'm trying to do more "full-bodies" to keep everyone in the I'm sorry this one is a little blurry but after 6 attempts to get my camera to focus I gave up!