Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So It Goes...

Today I weighed in at 269.6 which means 0 pounds lost or gained. 

A part of me wants to wallow in a pint of ice cream and feel sorry for myself, another part of me wants to slap me in the face and say look at the food choices you made this week, are you really surprised? And then the realistic part of me says this is weight loss, contrary to popular belief and and the lies magazines and weight loss commercials tell us, this is not an easy process; so, yes, you can: a) wallow in self-pity...b) beat yourself up and quit or c) recognize the process and the difficulties of it, make a change, and keep going! 

After a great mental debate, pacing back and forth between my pantry and my living room, looking at some pictures of me almost 50 pounds heavier I decided to keep going and forgo feeling sorry for myself and eating myself to a happier place (or what used to be my happy place). Back to measuring every little thing I place in my mouth and continuing on my fitness goals. Focus, strength, and determination. Those are the words I shall repeat to myself throughout the week whenever I'm feeling that I cannot go on or simply want to quit. 

I wish I had more to say today but I really don't. I got to spend the evening with my younger siblings, nephews and mom last night, so I'm catching up on homework that I have let pile up this week. But I do have a picture from last's always fun to be with family!! Initially it was just going to be me and my sister in the picture, but anytime anyone in my family hears to word, "picture" they immediately jump out of their chairs and run to get in on the action as here some of us are...

Sam, Me, Abbie, and Adrian (in front) :D

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