Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weigh In

What a fun past few days it has been. I can hardly believe it will be time for me to go home tomorrow...but this has been a great trip to Dallas! So as usual I did my weigh in and the scale stared me in the face and said 256.6! So I gained 1.8 pounds this week. I don't really feel good or bad about this weight gain...I know that I put in all the hard work (David didn't let me slack off) and I counted the calories for every item placed inside my mouth! So I'm not sure what or where I went wrong, but I'm not going to dwell on the gain...I accept it and now I'm moving on! Because I gained a lot more than 1.8 pounds while I have been out here. I gained the courage to push farther than I've ever pushed before, I gained the strength to fight (no really I did some boxing with my brother) even when I was exhausted, I gained the determination to keep up my lifestyle changes even when it was difficult to squeeze it into my schedule, and on this journey I've gained the wisdom and knowledge to know that when something gets me down I sure as heck am not going to stay down...I'm getting back up and fighting back harder than the time before!

With all that said...I will share a little of what I have done the past few days since the big run! Monday was a nice and relaxing day...for exercise I bought a boxing glove set (you know the kind where one person is the target and the other person punches to their hearts content) David has some P90X videos and one of the videos has a lot of boxing moves so I followed along and he was my target...that was fun! Then later that afternoon we went to the lake here and had some turkey burgers, corn on the cob, grilled mushrooms and bell pepper!! As an added bonus we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset...while David grilled Elise and I went on a little stroll and chatted to our hearts content...

Elise and me

Beautiful sunset over the lake!
Yesterday was awesome...since it was my "last chance workout" ;) David and I decided we would see how close to death I could get...okay not really...but I did 50 minutes on the elliptical with my heart rate between 65-75% of my max HR and then after that we went for a hike...David had initially planned on us only doing a couple miles...but it was such a beautiful day that we ended up hiking 5 miles!!! It was so pretty and peaceful...and a definite booty buster! I definitely need to start doing more hiking, it's an amazing workout, beautiful scenery, peaceful, smells good (even when you work up a sweat and may release a bit of a stench), and is just all around good for you! 

Enjoying the little pond on our hike!

Dave snapped a pic while I was stretching it out!
Before I go I will share a few pictures that David took when we were at the Arboretum and the Zoo...enjoy!

Some gorillas fighting

The ranunculus that David took a picture of!!
Momma and baby getting fed!

My favorite statue in the women's garden at the arboretum

Me and David!!!

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