Monday, March 31, 2014

Back Into a Routine

 I had started writing a post earlier today and I had to stop and walk away from the computer! I was driving myself crazy, typing myself in circle…and I will explain why in just a minute. However, first things first, I am home and attempting to settle back into a routine. The saddest thing about vacations is they end and you have to get back to “real life”!! So I got home, unpacked, cleaned, exercised, and even managed to put a smile on my face at work!! ;) Not hard to do seeing as how I love my job, but it still meant my vacation was over!

So why did I type myself in circles? (Not to be confused with talking in circles) well I shall begin to share. I find it extremely motivating having a goal to work towards (e.g. my half marathon relay). I found a workout plan and stuck to it…that was great. So now I’m here with a 5K May 4th my dirty dash in August and I find myself under impressed with my upcoming runs and myself. I somehow want more for me. I want to push myself (safely). (I’m getting a little of track here, but stick with me) Since I got back home I’ve been trying to decide how I’m going to continue working out and what training plan I should follow or if I should just “wing” it. Etc. etc. etc. I really want to follow a plan because it takes the guessing game out of it and I just do what it says…simple! (okay now we’re back on track)

As you all know it is my goal to run a half marathon by the end of the year. I thought that November/December would be pushing it because I just didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could condition myself well enough to get to that point by the end of the year. Now I know that I can run at least half the distance so I want to keep up my training. I had lunch with my dad today and he mentioned that I should look at the Duke City Marathon (they have a half marathon) and see about signing up for that. Of course in my head I immediately think, “October? That’s crazy! There’s no way I can be ready that soon. There’s no way what so ever I could run that far in October!”

So I was prepared to write a blog post about how even though I would like to run the half marathon in October I didn’t think I would have enough time to train! Plus, I have a training plan that will take 28 weeks and there is no way that would be enough time. As I was writing my blog I was doing the math so that I could make sure I was writing correctly and not just being a baby making excuses as to why I couldn’t sign up for the half marathon…well lo and behold if I start this week it is exactly 28 weeks from now until October 19 when the 31st Annual Duke City Marathon will be hosted! So that’s convenient but I still wasn’t convinced…well that was until I saw a little something on the registration website! Now you may wonder what the proverbial icing on the cake was to make me push myself to hit this goal…I will tell you…when I went online and saw that it said, “FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…The Duke City marathon will award half marathon finisher’s medals!” I was sold! :D I would like to say the fact that a medal has no true significance when it comes to finishing 13.1 miles, but I would be lying! I think I like the medals because it’s actual proof that I did it!! So yes, I have 28 weeks to prepare myself (mind, body, spirit) for my first half marathon. I officially signed up this afternoon and could not be more excited!

You heard it first here. I haven’t told anyone that I’ve signed up for this race. So you all get to find out here!!! I will be running the Duke City Half Marathon October 19, 2014!! Who wants to do it with me *cough Erika cough Drew cough David cough Elise cough anyone else* hehehe…Yes, I’m subtle aren’t I?! As an added bonus if any family/friends were to come out to run the international balloon fiesta is the week before…I’m not saying, I’m just saying!


I have to change my mindset and stop saying, “I hope” or “I’m trying” and start saying, “I will” and “I am”!! It may be a slight wording change, but it means all the difference to me! The training plan I will be following is through the same website I used to train for my relay. If you’re interested in looking at the plan here’s the link  CLICK ME!!!. Yes, this is a 14-week plan but I’m going to repeat each week in order to stretch it out for me. If I need I will add in walking intervals but I will be running that half marathon even if I have to slow down to a 15 minute/mile pace….but I will be running doggonit! I’m relieved to have a plan in place…now my job is to simply execute accordingly!

Today meant a 3 mile run! I got home at 9:09 pm tonight, rushed inside, changed my clothes and was in the gym by 9:20…I had 40 minutes before they locked up the gym so I got to it. Of course my mind sets in right away trying to tell me I couldn’t run the three miles…so my legs talked right back and said, “watch me!” I set my treadmill to 4.6 (easier pace) and ran my 3 miles without stopping! Running is such a mental game, I’m slowly learning to play along, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun/interesting/difficult 28 weeks…and lucky for you…you get to read all about it!

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