Friday, March 21, 2014

I have arrived...

I have made it safely to Dallas and enjoyed a full day yesterday! In the morning David asked if I wanted to workout now or later...I told him I could do either but that I preferred now (that way the workout is done and not hanging over your head throughout the day) and then he asked me how long I would want to workout. I told him, "like 90 minutes!" To which he raised his eyebrow at me and then said, "okay!" So we hit up his gym...I did an easy(er) 3 miles in forty minutes and then we hit the weights (my favorite thing to do with David...shhhh...don't let him know I enjoy the torture he puts me through)! Our focus was biceps and then abs at the end! I was ready to punch (with my blood pumped biceps) after the disgusting crunches he made me do...but I withheld knowing Elise would be home later and I didn't want to traumatize her on my first day in Dallas! ;)

Pumping Iron!

After our workout we consumed lunch and decided to hit up the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden! It was B-E-A-UTIFUL! The tulips are in bloom so they were the main event...and I was super excited that they had ranunculus too...and those are only my favorite flowers right now!! :D 

The awesome peacock at the Arboretum!
Some beautiful tulips!!
I thought this would be the perfect place to take a picture (behind a field of tulips)...when I later looked at it I realized we were standing behind the statue of two people about to do the Nasty!! Ooops!!
We had to retake our picture front of plants...not in front of a statue doing the unmentionable ;)
Okay one more picture to share...

David being a good brother...taking pictures of the ranunculus in the middle of the rocks...I may be able to acquire some of the pictures he took at a later time!!
After the Arboretum we came home and made dinner while Elise was busting a run out!! She ran a 5K in less than 30 minutes!!! WOOT! Making me a little jealous, but more than that, extremely proud!!! One thing running has taught me is that you cannot compare yourself to other runners...running is running regardless of how fast or slow it may be...and I need to be proud of each mile I run! After dinner we got to chat it up and then just chill...and around 9:30pm I totally fell asleep on the floor while watching TV with David and Elise. I can no longer make fun of their 10pm bedtime (truth is I'm just jealous that they consistently get 8 hours of sleep each offs)! 

This morning was great...hit the gym up again...did a little spinning and then we lifted weights again focusing on triceps...I told David I take back hating him I hated him more! We may have pushed each other farther than we though we could go! Let me just say this...I could barely shampoo my hair my arms were so sore..and we told Elise she wouldn't be getting any hugs today...just chest bumps! ;) So we're off to the zoo and then we get to go the the Rock 'N Roll Expo to pick up our packets (and hopefully some free samples of goodies)!! That's all I have for now! :D

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