Saturday, August 2, 2014

Keeping Up!

What a week it has been. I realized how important it is to keep up my workout routine regardless of how crazy the week can become. I know the minute I start to compromise a workout is the minute I start going backwards with that being said I didn't miss a single workout this week. For the month of July I had a goal to run more than 80 miles (the most miles I have logged in a month so far)...well I crushed it with a total of 91.8 miles! So I guess this month it'd be awesome if I could get to 100 miles! :D We shall see! I'm also really excited because I only had to do one treadmill run this week on the day that I worked! I really enjoy being outside more because you get to actually go somewhere, see things, smell things etc. Plus, the one run I did on the treadmill this week was at my apartment's gym and the thing that sucks is that the gym is right next to a sauna so if someone has recently been in it, well then it makes the gym super hot and steamy...and as fate always has it someone is in it or has recently been in it when I go for my runs. So I try to pretend that I'm in Florida or Texas running with my sister/brother! I was impressed with my back sweat after my treadmill run:

Mad back sweat!!
I think it's about time for me to go scrub shopping. I have been holding off buying new scrubs because I have plenty now and even though they're huge they still do the job...but this week they drove me crazy because I felt like I was just swimming in my tops. I think the pants I may continue to just singe the drawstring super tight...but I need to break down and buy some new tops...the frugal side of me truly despises this part of my weight loss journey! Okay so a side note while on the topic of work...I don't normally get gifts from patients, but every day this week I got a gift from a patient and it just touched my heart! I was given a book/devotional from one patient, a box of chocolates from another (affectionately given to all the other nurses), and one patient is a calligrapher and made this for me:

Best present I could ever receive! 
Little gifts like these mean more to me than I think the patients could imagine. They're such a blessing to my heart! 

Alright...that's enough about work! This week I had my longest run to date..9 miles! I was a little sad that I had to do this run all by myself, but in a way I'm glad that I did. It forced me to push myself and keep going. I only stopped once at 4.5 miles to eat a Gu energy gel and my legs were yelling at me for the rest of the way I ran. I didn't run as fast as I wanted to the entire way...but I finished and that's all that matters! So here are a couple victory pictures!

Relieved to be done!

Oh yeah, 1,733 calories burned...
I'm having ice cream today!

Home...and alive!
My sister, Erika texted me earlier in the day and said how she had ran 9 miles and at mile 5.7 it was really rough..especially in the heat of Florida and the ridiculous humidity...but she finished!! I kept reminding myself of her along the way. I even used hers and David's trick of picking out something ahead as a "mini-goal" to reach when you feel you can't go any farther...and it worked! I made it out alive!

Here's my splits chart (The 14 minute mile is where I walked and ate my I said it's not as fast as I would've liked...but I didn't stop!)

Avg Pace

And of course my favorite chart to look at is my heart rate chart:

Heart Rate
16:4033:2050:001:06:401:23:201:40:001:56:40117126135144153162171Heart Rate (bpm)

The % of my maximum heart rate average was 89% at 164 BPM and my maximum HR was 177 which is 96% of my maximum HR! Oh and I ran in 50% humidity...hehehe I can feel the glares from my sister and brother who run in 85%+ humidity!! 

Feels like 73°
14 mph ESE wind
Humidity 50%
Source: KAEG

Well that's it for now! I could keep adding running diagrams but I don't know that everyone gets as excited as I do with all my I will leave it all as is! :) Until next time:

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