Saturday, August 9, 2014

Run, Run, fast as you can!

This is has been a great running week for me. I am learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When running I'm learning that after the second mile eventually my legs get warmed up and then I'm good to keep going. I ran (unofficially) my fastest 5k this week at 34:40! I'm trying to push myself and continually improve and get better. I could've done better this week at work with my lunches...basically I just need to go grocery shopping so that I can make my lunches for work and not be lazy and purchase my lunch at work! I didn't make bad choices, but I could've made better choices and had more filling options. Oh  well, the week is over with and I'm going to go do some grocery shopping before Tuesday! :)

On one of my cross-training days this week I decided to just workout at my gym at my apartment where I could use the clunkiest elliptical that somehow kicks my booty every time I use it! So I didn't get to get there until 9:20 and my gym closes at 10pm so I knew I'd only have 40 minutes but that it'd be just enough time to get in and burn close to 500 calories! So 25 minutes into my workout the darn security guard walks in and says, "Sorry, but you've got to go!" to which I replied, "WHAT?! I thought I had 15 minutes left!" to which he said, "sorry!" Lame, I never thought I'd be disappointed to have a workout end I had to go home and do a crap-load of sit-ups, push ups, and squats! ;) But I was smiling afterwards so that's what matters right:

Yesterday I got to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday with family and friends! I'm excited to watch as my dad continues on his journey towards health. He's going to be walking (he's one of those freaky fast speed walkers) the Duke City 10k in October! I'm super proud and excited of the progress he's made! One thing we know for sure is that weight, fitness, etc is all a life long doesn't get just become more disciplined! Here are a couple of pictures from his party:

Ben, Olivia, Me, Dad, Abbie and Ezra in the front!

I think I can see a resemblance! 
Alright, so last but not least, I've had several people ask me to send them "full body pictures". I thought I had been doing a pretty good job on here but apparently I took a couple full length (with the help of my sister) pictures tonight. I'm super excited because I bought some reebok pants in the size of XL and I even bought a couple running shirts (yes, that's just about all that I ever wear these days) in a size L!! It blows my mind being able to fit into smaller clothes. I know I've mentioned it before but a part about losing weight is that you still feel like you're the same size, even though you know you're not...there is still something in the back of my mind that feels like my size hasn't changed. However, today I felt pretty awesome when I put on these pants and not only did they fit but they look good too! :D So here are some full length pics that y'all have been asking for...and remember that you asked for them...sorry I had to throw a sassy pant pic in there ;)

Front and Center!

Feeling good!

Bahahaha!!! Don't hate!