Monday, July 28, 2014

Weigh In

It seems that Florida is just what I needed to give my weight loss a boost. I was telling my sister today how much I was reminded that I love plain greek yogurt with berries and honey in the morning! Truly the breakfast of champions!! I've also been way more committed and faithful with my training. With that being said last week my weigh in was 234. Today the scale said 226.2! Yes, I rechecked, and rechecked, and then checked again! I just want to keep this momentum going. It feels good, I feel good, and I can tell changes are happening! Today I got up and went for a 5-mile run:

That's right...I run in style!
I also realized in Florida that I've been holding out on myself! I haven't been running as fast/hard as I have the potential to. So it has been my goal since I got home to really push myself! It's an awesome feeling to feel your body do things you didn't think it was capable of! It's funny because I used to hate sweating and working out because I knew I'd get all sweaty...but now I feel most prettiest when I sweat...Case in point:

So I treck on...regardless of the bumps in the roads, the plateaus, the chafing, the embarrassing biffs! It's all worth it...and eventually you find the strength to dig a little deeper! I can't wait for's going to be amazing! 

Alright so I will share one more picture and then no more before this posts title is changed to "selfie"! :D In addition to feeling beautiful after runs I feel beautiful getting dressed up, something that was pretty uncomfortable for me in the past. Slowly but surely I'm tapping into the person that has always been inside of me...I just needed to let her out! So how about you...what's holding you back? We can be our own worst enemy...but truth is we all have untapped potential...I want to be the first to say that you can do it!

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