Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some days suck!

I dread the weeks/posts when I have to be honest and tell the truth. I mostly hate it because it's embarrassing and I hate having to write everything out and know that others will be able to read how disappointing I can be...and how the weight loss process can be! This week I gained 3.7 pounds putting me up to 245.5 ....UGH! However, I don't understand how I gained weight but I managed to lose half an inch off of my waist (putting me at 36 inches) and half an inch off of my hips (putting me at 47 inches). I do know that the last three days I have not been coping with my emotions in an okay manner and that has resulted in me eating my fears away! Yikes! So today I am calling a truce with myself, being honest here, and getting back on track (right now)!!! 

Tonight I desperately wanted to come home and eat my emotions, stress, frustration away but instead I went for a run...and honestly I think I could've gone longer! If it wasn't for the fact that I work in the morning I probably would've kept going! Tonight I had 3.5 miles on the books and I decided that I needed to push myself so I did my run in the form of sprints. I did the same mileage as my last sprint run but instead I ran the first two sets 100 meter and 200 meter at 7.0 mph and then the 300 meter at 6.2 mph and the 400 meter at 5.8 mph (and I did the 400 meter 4 times instead of 2 times) so I ended up going 4.3 miles by the time it was all said and done! Then I came home, ate a banana, and now I'm drinking water so that I do not eat anything else because I am at my calorie limit for the day (not over thankfully)!!

This week my endurance run is 5 miles. I'm trying to think of somewhere (different) to go for my run to mix up my scenery and have some fun. If all else fails I know the Bosque has never let me down but there are days when I just want to mix things up to keep me on my toes (hahaha literally and figuratively)! 

A goal for me this next week is to be better at eating veggies...I had been doing really well and then this past month I've really done a poor job at maintaining a healthy amount of vegetables in my that is a goal for this week is to start working the veggies back into my menus! I am happy this is my last week of the semester then I have a couple weeks off to enjoy some free time before the summer semester starts back up! The only good thing about school starting back up is that it means I will be over halfway done with my BSN! WOOT! 

Alright, well....this blog is all over the place and I have some homework I have to finish before I get to there you have it...some days what do we do when that happens? Well, I don't know about you...but I keep fighting!

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