Sunday, May 4, 2014

Run For The Zoo Race Details Inside

This morning I headed over bright and early (2 hours early) for my run...I found a decent parking spot and chilled in my car for a bit and then decided to go and cheer for the people that were starting their 10K! The half marathon started at 7 am. Around 8:45 I went to the finish line and cheered for those who were finishing their half marathons! It was fun to watch the faces of those coming up to the finish line as they finished running 13.1 miles! I was a little nervous this morning mainly because I did todays race solo...I didn't have anyone running with me or anyone on the sidelines. Totally had to have an attitude adjustment at the beginning! This wasn't about who was or wasn't with was about me and meeting goals that only I could accomplish...regardless of who or who may not be there by my side! So after all of that it was a beautiful day for a run...a little warm (70 degrees at time of run)...but thankfully there were periods of shade along the way so that really helped! I think I shared in an earlier post that my goal was A) to beat my Dallas 5K time of 37:15 and to B) Be at or just below a 12 minute mile. I did both! I finished in 36:37 (according to my Garmin) and my splits were: 

Avg Pace

As you can see one mile was 12:05, but my average pace was 11:45 and I think that's what matters most! 

8:2016:4025:0033:2008:0012:0016:0020:0024:0028:00Pace (min/mi)
0.511.522.534,8504,9004,9505,000Elevation (ft)
Heart Rate
8:2016:4025:0033:20100120140160180Heart Rate (bpm)

While running there was a a tall overweight man that was running about the same pace as me. At the beginning of the race I passed him and then about halfway through he passed me, and a little while later I passed him again and gained a little ground, but then I got some water and slowed down near the end and he came up right next to me and held his fist out for me so I bumped his fist and said, "great job!" and so we pretty much stuck together the rest of the way! Things like that are what truly make me enjoy/love races! Afterwards I got to see some old friends that I hadn't seen in a while, which was even though I started the race "alone" I finished overflowing with joy! 

Alright so before I go I came across some old pictures of me as a kiddo! As you can see weight has never been a friend of mine...that is why I am on a journey to make it my friend!

(Left to right) Dad, Ben, John, David, Me!

Bahaha...and I think I was 2(ish) here?!
I guess I've always had thunder thighs! ;)

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