Friday, May 16, 2014

More than just a weigh in

I promise I didn't forget to weigh-in on Wednesday...just having the time to write about it is the problem! I lost 4.5 pounds this week so I'm down to 241. I'm gonna be honest...I'm sick and tired of the 240's and so ready to say goodbye; that means I'm working my butt off to get to the 230's this week! I know I can do it. Just so long as I keep eating my veggies. I know that increasing my vegetable intake really helps me stay in control of my calorie intake. I tend to eat all veggies first and fill up on those and that way I don't eat as much of whatever my entree may be! 

My Nike woman's XL tank representing
Boston Strong!!! <3
This week has been good as far as running/cross-training is concerned. Today I went to Zumba and yesterday I went on my 3.5 mile run with my sister. I really enjoy running with someone. Even if we don't talk it's just nice to have someone along side you. I may get the courage to attempt a running group one day...when I'm a little faster! I've also thought that it would be fun once I've hit my goal and have some spare time to mentor young girls who would like to start running. There's just something about having someone to encourage you, help you see what you're capable of, and believe in you when you don't yet believe in yourself. I think that is why I enjoy running with my little sister. Every run she begins it by saying, "oh I hope I can do this!" The funny thing is she could really do the run we do together much faster than the pace that I set for us...but it's fun to coach her, encourage her, and watch her push through the rough patches! I guess it's just nice to know that someone who is smaller and faster than me still doubts their capabilities!

Last night I taught my sister about resting heart rate. I showed her that my resting heart rate is now in the 40's!! :D Something I am very proud of! She was disappointed when her heart rate only got down to I think 60!! ;) However, it was even better this morning when we checked out my heart rate and it was 38!!! A number I never thought I would see from me! I remember my anatomy and physiology instructor saying elite athletes can have resting heart rates in the 30's! All I could think of was if I was to be checking someones heart rate in the hospital I would freak out because A) the machine would be screaming "bradycardia" and B) That's a low heart rate!! One of the greatest things for me aside from seeing *slowly* the outward changes is watching the physiological changes...I really need to get my cholesterol checked again and compare it to my labs that I had done about a year and a half ago. A year and a half ago (I would have to look up the numbers) but I had elevated bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol! Yikes! Not good for a 23 year-old! My work offers free cholesterol checks annually...I just need to take advantage of the wonderful resource. I will do that soon..but it's really fun to do more than just a weigh in and be able to see results in other areas of my body that also reflect improvement and increased health!

Alright, well I have one more random side note...Abbie graduated last night *WOOT* and in true Rosecrans tradition we went out to Fudruckers to eat afterwards. I was super excited to see a poster for the Dart from Texas! I do believe I told everyone there..."Hey you see that sign for the Dart?! I rode the dart from my transition zone to the finish line in Dallas for my half-marathon relay!" I was, what some might call, excited. I couldn't not take a picture of me with here it is...

That's about it for now! 5 miles tomorrow! 

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  1. Mags, you are on an incredible journey, a juxtaposition of self discipline and God-reliance. Keep it up! you look healthy and beautiful and I know you'll be feeling better every day. I'm praying for you!