Monday, December 8, 2014


Well it has been a busy few weeks...I have a super deep and meaningful blog post that will somewhat explain things...but I haven't completed it and so I'm just writing a quick update to let y'all know how things are going. Today I weighed in at I have gained a couple pounds. I could be upset about this but there's more behind the weight gain that'll be addressed in a later blog post. Needless to say my emotions have not been my friend and I've ended up doing a lot of emotional eating these past few weeks but as I've said there'll be more to come on that.

I didn't do as much running last week since every evening after I got off of work I came home to write/edit/re-write my final paper for my BSN! Thankfully I made it through the week...and I have completed my BSN! YAY! Such a relief to be able to mark that off of my list. Now I'm just waiting for my grades to be posted. If I get an A in this last class that means I get to graduate with honors!! :D Yes, I'm a nerd like that. What did I do to celebrate graduating? The only reasonable thing I could think of: I went to eat frost and try on ridiculous rompers with Amanda...try not to be jealous:

Ready to make a workout video with Richard Simmons!

So what am I going to do with all this extra free time on my hands?! Well, for starters I went for a run today. I got a little side tracked en route to go I ended up meeting my sister first at Anthropologies, Lululemon, Frost, and Williams Sonoma; I mean, who doesn't love those places?! Then I stopped at the Eye Dr. Office to try to decide on a new pair of glasses...and of course I found 3 that I love and couldn't decide on one and so I just walked away before irrationally buying all three pairs!! By the time I had made all my little detours the sun was starting to set..but I had predetermined earlier to go for a run...and I'm glad I did. This run was one of the most freeing, peaceful and relaxing runs I have ever been on. The last mile was simply a blessing from God..I was given such peace and calmness it overwhelmed me. All I could hear was the sound of my breathing, my feet on the pavement, and the runners/bikers around me. It was simply amazing...I think my pace on my last mile speaks for itself! 


Avg Pace

Even though it was pitch black by the time I had finished I was so glad that I went out and ran! Here was my after picture:

Status post awesome run

Well, I will be sharing more later but I've got to get some shut eye now...oh, hey, real quick! I'll leave you all with a picture of me over the weekend. So me and dresses have had a difficult relationship in the know, I try them on, they look awful, I try on 5 more, they look even worse, I try one more and then decide I would rather walk outside naked then in the dresses I just tried on. Okay, I may be exaggerating just a bit, but I haven't ever been a real fan of how dresses look on me...until now! I was at Anthropology the other day (you may be gathering my love and admiration of this store by now) and saw a dress on the clearance rack and decided, "what the heck?! I'll give it a go!"...well boy am I glad that I did because it actually looked A) I bought a dress from Anthropologies B) I wore the dress in public C) I even wore some heels...yeah that's right, this girl got crazy! Without further to's my little forest green (ish) dress:

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