Monday, December 22, 2014

Weigh-In...dusting off!

I'm glad to say that the scale and I are talking to each other this week...202 was my weight. That puts me down 3.6 pounds this week which I'm very happy with! I huge internal victory for to stay on track and get to onederland..I'm sick of the 200's! 

Today at work was a little it's not uncommon for people to come up and say, "the shrinking woman!" or "you're just withering away" and so on and so forth. I don't's an opportunity to share my story with people and of course, if you hadn't guessed by now, I kind of like sharing my story. So today one of our physicians came up to me and said, "so I hear you've lost a significant amount of weight...tell me about it" I told her that as of today I've lost 118 pounds and at my highest weight I was 320 and now I'm at 202 and want to lose at least 32 more pounds. Then of course she asked me how I did it and wanted to know if I had done surgery...when I told her I just did it the old fashioned way she came around and gave me a big hug and said, "you need to share your story with everyone" to which I said, "I have a blog for that!" Hahaha! Another coworker told me that she didn't remember me ever being so which I say, "I DO!" How quickly we forget where we've been, where we're going, and what it took to get where we're at. I believe it's fair for me to say that this weight loss journey is a hell of a journey...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It has taught me that one situation does not define our future, one set back does not dictate where we can go, and we fall, get kicked, pushed, or tripped and otherwise knocked down...but all that matters is that we get back up. 

I'm just now standing up from my latest knock down...but I'm just glad it was a knock down and not a knock out...if that makes sense. My heart is healing and eventually I'll be able to share my story but all that you need to know right now is I am not defeated! Sometimes even taking it one day at a time is too minute by minute, moment by moment, and hour by hour it's a conscious decision to keep moving forward, remind myself that I AM WORTH IT, and surrounding myself by people who know that and remind me of it when I don't believe it. So when you've been knocked's okay if you have to lay there for a while...but don't stay down!

Saturday I got to run the NM farolito trail of lights 5k and finished 3.16 miles in 33:58:9 according to my Garmin, it wasn't chip timed. One of my friends, Shawna, who works in the OR at the hospital with me was running it with several of her friends...they were kind enough to let me tag along with them! I was able to keep up with them until about the last 0.4 miles where they totally kicked some asphalt and crushed it! It was a lot of fun...although I spent a good amount of the time watching my step to make sure I didn't totally eat the asphalt. Here are a few pictures of that evening:

Pre Run: Me, Shawna, Paula, Rodger

Post Run!! Yeah!!!

Totally stole this picture from google...but this give you an idea of
what the run looked like...only not so lit up...and way more people!

There were a ton of people at this event, I was really excited about that! It was freezing cold initially before we began but once we got going it was the perfect running weather! I was worried I may have dressed too warm but it ended out being perfect! 

This is all I've got for now, time to head to bed because I get to work in the morning and then head to Florida Wednesday morning to spend Christmas with my darling sister, Erika, Drew, my amazing nephews, and momma who is out in Florida for a bit! So until next time...keep your head above water!

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