Monday, November 24, 2014

Weigh-In....before the holidays begin!

So this past week clearly helped in this weeks weight loss. Today I weighed in at 201.6 so that puts me down 4.8 pounds this week. Yay for getting closer and closer to the 100's! I really want to try to get to or below 200 this next pressure Thursday right?! If anything it motivates me to stay on track. 

I was reminding my lovely sisters that each of us is in charge and solely responsible for what we put in our mouths. I know in the past I have shoveled food into my mouth, even though I'm beyond full, just because I feel like I have to. STOP! Just because it's set before you and on the table does not mean that you need to eat it! They're called leftovers for a reason! They're not going anywhere! Eat what you need..and then put down the fork and be satisfied with what you've consumed and stop eating to the point of physical anguish. Now I know this is all so much easier said than done. I still have binges where I eat myself into a state of physical pain and then regret it so I eat some more...but there are ways to try and avoid this from happening. What do I attempt to do? Drink lots of water! Eat slowly...and really try to taste the food you're eating. I know I'm guilty regularly of eating something and not even knowing how it tasted. Get a small plate and portion out small servings. Go for a walk (drag the family along with you...goodness knows we all need it may stave off the awkward conversation you don't want to have with your family as to why you're still single..hehehe too much awesomeness to handle...just saying). 

If you want to eat like a piggy (like I frequently do)...just remember how long you'll have to run to burn all those calories!! According to this article the average American consumes 3,000-4,500 calories on Thanksgiving day! That is literally 3 days worth of calories for me...side note: I'm currently intaking about 1,500 calories/day!  If I haven't opened your eyes enough yet then this article here says, "According to the Mayo Clinic, a person weighing 160 pounds, jogging at about 5 miles per hour, will burn 606 calories per hour. To zero out your 4,000 calorie meal, you're going to have to jog for six hours and 36 minutes. That translates to 33 miles of jogging. So, you're going to run a marathon, and then keep going for another few miles like it's no big deal."'s your body and the truth is I can tell you all of that and you're going to do what you want to do...regardless of what I have to say! :D So I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones and hope it is a joyous time of fellowship with one another.

In other quick UTI is quickly getting better and aside from allergies I'm feeling much better. That means I GOT TO RUN TODAY! Yeah baby! I don't know if I'm the only runner that does this but all last week all that I could think of was how much conditioning I was losing not being out and exercising. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to even make it a mile without walking...ha! (Side note: I'm glad I took the time off and totally recommend allowing your body to heal and taking it easy while you're sick...that means you'll get better faster and be able to start working out sooner) Thankfully that was not the case whatsoever and my body clearly remembered what to do. *much to my relief and shock* I got out and ran 4.14 miles in 48:36:8 which was an 11:45 pace! I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a run like was freezing cold (okay technically it wasn't was 45 degrees)...I hardly sweat...and I enjoyed every minute of it! 

Prior to can see the excitement!

Post-Run...yeah for cold weather = no sweat!
I'm really excited for the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning with my sisters! Today I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased 40 yards of tule to make tutus for me and my sisters to wear!! OH YEAH!!! I'm a little (EXTREMELY) excited. So I will leave you all with may visualize me in a tutu...hahaha...and I will write again soon!

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