Saturday, November 22, 2014

Squeeze a little tighter!

I know it has been a couple weeks since I last updated y' my sincerest apologies. This last week as been a series of unfortunate events and I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out from around the corner and say, "You've been punk'd!" That has not happened, however, and I know that sometimes we just have to work with what we're given. With that being said I'll give you my last two weeks weigh-ins. 11/10/2014 I weighed in at 209.6 so I had lost 4 pounds that week (thankfully) and then this past monday 11/17/2014 I weighed in at 206.4 so that put me down another 3.2 pounds. It has been a good couple I can't complain about that. 

*warning graphic story to ensue...please do not read if you become faint at the talk of farting, stooling, diarrhea, or any other bodily function topics that may not have been mentioned*

Monday I attempted going for a run and a mile into my run I went to let out what I thought was some innocent "runners gas" and totally sharted in my pants! :( The utter surprise that must've been on my face as I freeze in my steps waiting for me to wake up from this abhorrent nightmare...alas I do not wake up and am now keenly aware of the warmth in my pants. I had to turn around and strategically place each foot as I walk with the utmost care to insure I don't have a brown trail start running down my leg. Now let me say first, I'm so thankful that for whatever reason I decided to wear underwear on this run (my running pants have underwear liners in them so underwear is extra baggage normally). Secondly I'm thankful I was wearing tights and not loose fitting clothes (this of course helped keep things mostly in one place). Third, I'm ever grateful for the fact that I was wearing black and not any other color that may have shown that I had just crapped my pants! I can only imagine what I looked like walking slowly yet frantically home! Oh my..yes...well little did I know I had a bug brewing in my system.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had to call out to work since I was on the toilet with diarrhea and even ended up throwing up a couple was a near death experience...but I survived to tell of my sharting horror! ;) On top of all of that I also have a lovely urinary tract infection that I'm trying to rid myself of! So with all of that said I haven't been on a run at all for almost a week and it has been killing me..I also haven't been that hungry...and Wednesday morning I weighed myself just to see how much weight I had lost after that horrid diarrhea and I was down to 200.4! :D Hey this would all be worth it if it got me below 200...NOT! Definitely the WORST way to EVER lose weight. So with that being said I'm not sure what my weigh in on Monday will reveal but I'm not likely to trust it! :) Although I'm much more hydrated now (trying to drink lots and lots of water...and disgusting cranberry juice...oh the empty calories) I still don't know how accurate my weigh-in will be...but we shall see and carry-on as always!

All that I care is that I'm well enough to run the Turkey Trot 5k this Thursday...I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone? I'm trying to convince my sister to dress up with me for the run! I found this adorable pin on pinterest and found this cute costume idea...I, of course, want to be the turkey:

photo credit: picture taken from pinterest...I don't know these people or own this photo..but I love their costumes!! 
Whatever we decide a picture will be sure to be snapped and shared on this blog! Prayers for healing are appreciated and hopefully I'll be back out on the trail once my body can tolerate it...which I hope is soon because I'm going through withdrawal. I'm jealous because my sisters keep sending me pictures of them on their runs this week and all that I want is to be out there running with them! Olivia and Amanda, I'm so proud of you two for making a commitment to yourselves and keeping your word. It's not easy and it doesn't happen over night and you're the only person who can get out there and do it...but let me tell you...boy is it worth it! I love hearing your stories of improvement and the progress you're both making. I love our runs together and hope to be hitting the pavement with y'all again soon!! Here are a couple pictures before I go:

Olivia, Adrian, Me, Ezra, and Amanda after a 4 mile run
Amanda halfway through her run

Olivia getting her run on *IN THE SNOW*!!

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