Friday, November 7, 2014

TTFN...Ta Ta For Now

Well the last of my Half Marathon party has left. Erika and my two youngest nephews took off in their van today for their drive back to Florida. I'm so thankful for everyone that took the time and put in the effort to make it out to Albuquerque for the Half Marathon! I hate the silence that now lingers in the air that was filled with laughter, tears, jokes, and noise mere hours ago...alas there is no hiding from it...only facing the reality and moving forward. The truth is I need to get back to a routine. I definitely let things slide the last few weeks and instead of being closer to "one-derland", Monday's weigh-in had me at 213.6! Yikes! So with that being said as sad as I am to see everyone leave it's now time for me to get back on track and buckle down for this next phase of my training.

While everyone was out here I allowed myself the pleasure of indulging in snacks and larger meals than I had been and honestly I don't like the way it has made me feel. I haven't really counted my calories for the last few weeks and my weight gain is evidence of that. A part of me feels guilty but then another part of me is thankful because its a good reminder of how fast we can go backwards and how it makes you feel when your caloric intake is more than you need...For me personally when I eat more than is necessary I feel: bloated, guilty, sluggish, and just all around "blah"! So with that having been said time to crack the whip and get back on track and pull out the myfitnesspal app and get back on target. 

I'm trying to decide what I want to do as far as training for this next half marathon. I really liked the training plan David and I came up with with the help from I felt so prepared and ready for the Duke I'm thinking I will continue with that training plan for the Dallas Half Marathon. Oh, I must correct myself from my last post. For whatever reason I keep saying the Dallas Half is in May...but it is in March! My bad! I'd like to say I won't make that mistake again...but truth is I probably will. I'm extremely excited to say that my sisters Olivia and Amanda are wanting to join in on the running fun and are on board to run the Half in Dallas with Me, David, and Erika! I need to have someone run the relay with Elise (we did the relay together last year and had a blast)!! I'm so proud and excited to see Olivia and Amanda start running! 

Olivia with less than a mile left on her 9 mile run!!!

She was amazing!!

Amanda crushing her run!!

Look at the smile on her face!!

I love watching people find the motivation and determination to start taking care of their bodies. No, it is not an easy journey. If it was we'd all be doing it! As Chris Powell says to his clients, "Ordinary people don't do this...EXTRAORDINARY people do!!" And how true that is!! Yes, some days really suck. Yes, sometimes you hurt really bad. Yes, some days you really screw up. But: Yes, it's worth the pain! Yes, each day is a new day to start fresh! Yes, eventually the pain subsides! Yes, Eventually you get better! Yes, the results are worth it...but more than that, Yes, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! So keep it up Olivia and Amanda...and to all my friends that have written me or talked in person with me about their weight loss are extraordinary! You are worth this battle! You're worth fighting for! You're worth getting fit for! 

Alright, before this gets too long I'm just going to share one last bit. I did several hikes with Erika while she was out here and realized how much I not only love hiking but how much I love trail running! I'm thinking on some of my runs I may incorporate trail runs into my training! It has truly been a blast and such a gorgeous distraction from what can sometimes become mundane scenery when you're running the same path every single day! So, it looks like I'm going to need to invest in some trail running shoes!!! YAY!! Here are some pictures from our different hikes...we went to Sandia Peak, Atalaya Mountain (in Santa Fe), and Tent Rocks...and yes I wore the same orange top for all three hikes!!! ;) 

Sandia Mountain:

Atalaya Mountain:

Tent Rocks:

So that's the latest and greatest! Hoping to report good news on my Monday weigh-in! So I will say to you what I had to say this morning to my sister: TTFN...Ta ta for now!

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