Monday, September 15, 2014

Finding strength in my weakness

You know, some days I really hate that I decided to write this blog...because that means I have to share my successes and failures! I was prepared to write this blog with excuses tacked on along...and I'll share here in a minute why I've changed my mind. So this weeks weigh-in sucked...I gained 2 pounds!! That puts me at 217.8 this week. 

So what happened? I allowed myself to make poor decisions, and then I allowed those poor decisions to rule the rest of my day, and then they dictated how the rest of my week would go. We all have the excuse of leading busy and chaotic lives...I know all too well what that's like...but I also know how to avoid the situations I allowed myself in this past week. Instead of going for my run when I got off work I ate over my calorie limit. Even on days that I did run (and I missed a run this past week) I ate more than I should've and allowed my emotions to control my appetite rather than my self-control. There you have it.

So where does one go from here? Well out for a run, of course! I got up this morning at 0630 with my little sister and headed out the door for our 4.5 mile run! I've never been more proud of myself or more grateful for a run than I am today! We headed out the door and I started us out at a fast pace...Our first mile was ran in 10:37!! Our second mile was a little more of an incline so our second mile we ran at 11:33. Our third mile included a 2 minute walking interval to allow for some cramps to subside so that was ran in 13:02. The fourth mile I was just ready to push myself until I was done and so that mile was ran at 10:53 and for the last 0.5 miles I just pushed myself and ran that last 0.5 miles at a 9:26 pace!! So my average pace for this run was 11:17!

Why is my pace such a big deal? You know, I think that it's the fact that even in the midst of a crappy week I can still improve. Yeah last week sucked...but I just freaking ran 4.5 miles at an 11:17 pace...that's something I couldn't do even a few months ago! I love running because it shows you that there's always room for improvement and even in weeks when you feel like you've blown it you're just one run away from getting back on track! I wish I could put into words how amazing it feels to be able to push yourself and watch your body respond in such a positive feels so much better than chocolate, ice cream, cookie butter, or bread taste...and I know you're sitting there rolling your eyes at me because I used to roll my eyes too...but it's so true! The strength, confidence, and empowerment that running gives you is like nothing you've ever felt before! Running helps you find strength in your weaknesses! 

So I have to take a minute to brag on someone! I've heard so many people tell me they can't run. My response is always, "yes you can!" I think we all struggle with the idea that you have to be fast to be considered a runner! Let me tell you...for the longest time my run was a 15 minute mile or a 4.0 on the treadmill! For some of you it may be a run at a 3.5!! It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are...and you don't have to be breathless for it to be considered a run! With that having been said...I went on a walk this week with my was in the middle of the afternoon so it was already warm out ~ 83 degrees. She told me that earlier that week on one of her walks that she ran on her way home...and so on our way home she told me she wanted to run a little! She totally amazed me and ran 0.3 miles without stopping!! :) It was amazing to watch and super exciting! She kept asking me, "is this considered a run?!" Yes, mom, that was a run! She told me she kept reminding herself of my shirt that says, "I RUN: I'm slower than internet explorer on a 90's dial-up connection...BUT I RUN!" It's so true...I love that shirt because it's true! Running is one of the most welcoming and inviting sports out if you think you can't be a runner or that it's impossible for you to run...think again...because I know there's a runner deep down in all of us!

Alright I'll get off my high-horse! What am I doing to get back on track this week? Aside from running when I'm supposed to...I'm thawing out some chicken, I'm going to roast some corn, and make up my lunches for this week so that I am prepared for whatever this week has to throw at me. I'm portioning out my Greek yogurt for my morning breakfasts and I'm going to make a stop at the grocery store for some fresh veggies and fruit! With that said I've got to R-U-N-N-O-F-T!

Oh hey..real quick...I wanted to share this picture...I never really would've had the confidence to wear this in public before...nothing like the state fair to bring out the country in a person:


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