Sunday, September 18, 2016

Routine and discipline

Let me start this post off by saying I've been having to write my posts on my phone because my computer is giving me attitude so I need to get it tended to eventually. I say that to attempt to excuse any misspelled (auto-corrected words) that may occur and any huge grammatical errors. You all know I'm a master writer (hahahahaha....I have you all fooled) so if there are a lot of mistakes it's clearly my phones fault! Great, now that we have that settled we can proceed. 

You know what? The scale is a liar sometimes but I'll share what it said anyways. 288. Super frustrating but I'm moving on because I had progress in other areas these last couple weeks. As far as working out is concerned...that is getting easier to be consistent about. A huge part of that is my friends are also wanting to workout and eat better and so instead of just chilling and eating crap food, we're going to the gym, going on bike rides, walking/running/hiking, and making better food choices. I'm a lot more involved and invested in people's lives than I was several years ago when I initially started this journey so learning to incorporate fitness and nutrition into my personal time with my friends has been a huge step in the right direction. Here are a few fun pictures over the last couple weeks:

Post-rain run

Salsa class

Bike ride in the Bosque 

Hike in the Sandia's

Saturday morning run with my sisters

As you can see, working out can actually be fun. It's also a lot easier to do when you have family and friends who are not just willing but happy to do it with you. It's becoming more routine. My sweet friend, Patrice, and I were talking today about how it's just becoming our norm and a part of our daily activity...and honestly we're both happier people when we workout. 

Nutrition is still a struggle. I meal prepped last week and that really helped but there were still days when I ate more chocolate than I should've. It can only be me though who can do it. I'm the only person putting the food in my mouth. So I need to be more disciplined at counting my calories and making better choices. I know I can do it. My goal this week is to just eat more veggies. I'm not going to worry about focusing on decreasing my chocolate intake at the moment (even though that's a definite goal) I just want to eat more veggies.

It's my last week as assistant nurse manager on my current unit and then I'm transferring to critical care as a staff nurse. That means that 1) there's going to be a lot of potlucks and food this week. 2) I'm about to face a lot of change. That's why my main focuses this week are being consistent in my workouts and increasing my veggie intake. 

That's where I'm at. I'll try to post more soon, it's just challenging (and a little frustrating) writing and editing posts on my phone! With that being said, until next time...goodnight! 

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