Sunday, April 12, 2015

Final Stories of Dallas (part 5)

You've all been good sports...and hopefully you've enjoyed my retellings of my time in Dallas...sorry this last one took a bit to get posted...I had technical difficulties getting pictures to upload! Here's a recap of my last couple days out there!

Monday I got to spend the day with my darling sister-in-law Elise who had asked for the day off. So initially we went to uptown and took the trolley to Clyde Warran Park with Erika, Mom, and the boys, and our friend Haylee and her kiddos who had made it into town the night before!! It was the perfect day. I got to spin a bunch of random kiddos on a merry-go-round…I may have accidentally spun one or two off of the merry go round…but that is neither here nor there and they both got back up laughing so I took that as a good sign ;) After playing for a bit Elise and I went our separate ways for a sister date! We went to this place called the truck yard…it’s way to amazing to even try to describe…you should check it out here and go visit it if you’re ever in Dallas! From there we went on a scenic hike together…even though the building was closed there was a worker outside that said we could walk around…and walk around we did! It was so beautiful:

It was a beautiful day for our little hike…and a memorable one as well! :D Sometimes it’s nice to be able to walk, talk, and get things off of your chest…and that’s just what I was able to do with Elise…as well as reap some wisdom and guidance! I’m so appreciative for those who hear the ugliest about me and still think I’m beautiful. It’s so nice to know that I can be completely honest and transparent without fear of being chastised. Finding that is a beautiful thing…and keeping it is a treasure! Monday was a great day!

Monday evening David, Erika, and I decided we’d go for a 6-miler in the morning…before I knew what happened I was being awoken for our morning run and about 15 minutes later we were out the door and on our way. It was a peaceful morning starting out. As we ran my mind just wandered and reflected on how much I used to dream about being able to go out for “an easy 6 miles” with David and Erika…and I was living that dream. I didn’t have a lot to say on the run but I loved listening to Erika and David talk. I loved hearing them encourage one another, lift one another up, and just love on each other. Halfway through the run we started running through swarms of gnats…and it was nasty! Like I swallowed, inhaled, exhaled, and blinked gnats! I felt like a drama queen…but each time we’d hit a swarm they’d go in your mouth and it’d make you cough and it was so difficult to breath with them pelting your face. Well…At around mile 5 David looked over at me and I’m pretty sure his jaw skimmed the ground…and he said, “Maggie don’t touch your face!” at that point Erika glanced my way and started cracking up hysterically…I felt my face and nearly died…I fought the urge to go jump in a puddle somewhere! The rest of the run Erika would just slightly glance my way and start giggling…I knew my face was a sight to behold…I just hope the other runners saw it as they passed us and heeded my warning not to go farther! Well, after we finished our run David took my picture and I was disgusted when I saw this:

I even had gnats in my eye!!! IN MY EYE!!! Yeah, so I do not envy David and the runs he will enjoy in Dallas while trying to stay afloat in the flood of gnats. Yuck. Another one of those… “Been there, don’t want to do that again” moments!! But I enjoyed my run…and the company so I wouldn’t have traded that for anything!

The rest of the trip was just spent enjoying one another’s company and making more memories that camera and words could not capture. Before I knew it Wednesday was here and it was time for me to fly home and head back to reality. But I needn’t shed any tears…for I know I’ll have more great experiences next year!! So it wasn’t really goodbye just…until next time!

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