Monday, June 9, 2014

Slow and Steady

This past week I have finally been able to start running again after being sidelined for 3 weeks! Unfortunately that means I have catching up to do...but it feels great to be able to move my body again! I know I didn't post a weigh-in this week...I started the school semester and that has been keeping me busy. I weighed in at 239 so that put me down another pound! I am hoping for 2 pounds this week since I've been back on track with my eating and exercising. 

Today I had my hill run. So I had 10 minute warm-up, then I ran for 1-minute uphill and walked downhill for 1-minute 6 times. Then I ran down after I made it to the top of the hill for a total of 3.14 miles! On top of the run I did 90 minutes of Zumba today with my sister Abbie. I'm really happy with the way that today went! If only every day I had the time to dedicate to working out this much! Tomorrow is cross training so once I get off work I will come home and workout on the elliptical and then lift weights! Here's my incline map from my run today!
0.511.522.53 5,2005,3005,4005,5005,600Elevation (ft)
I wish I had more time to write but it's off to bed I must go...I will write again as soon as I have the time!

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