Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The journey continues...

Tonight I am tired. Yet, I managed to get my workout in...and I had another successful nutrition day, so long as after this post I just eat my dinner and then go to bed. I didn't have any candy today and the only chocolate that I had was in my Luna bar that I brought for my late afternoon snack! It was perfect. Drinking more water again today...It's hard for me to drink water at work so I use crystal light as well to help make it easier. It really does help my cravings when I'm staying hydrated. Wow, you mean to tell me, that all those times they said we mistake hunger for thirst...they may have been right!?! Who would've thunk! ;)

My workout today was a cardio circuit. One of my friends told me about  and this website has a ton of different workouts. You can choose the equipment you have available, how long you want to workout, what area you want to work. Tonight I did their apartment workout...which is quieter cardio workouts...not less intense, however. I have some lovely neighbors beneath me who don't appreciate it whenever I workout. They have gotten some kind of tool, I imagine a broom, that they use to bang on their ceiling whenever I workout...tonight was a success banging of the broom!! Yay! 

There are times I still don't like to go to the gym...I just want to workout in private, no stares, no thoughts of what people are thinking, just me, panting, sweating, and red faced; enjoying my workout! 

Yesterday I got a great surprise in the mail from my brother, David and my darling sister, Elise:

I'm really excited for the recipes in the book. They all look fairly simple and easy...I was going to make salmon tonight...but I forgot to defrost tuna salad it is.

Well, I am exhausted and have to be at work bright and early so I'm going to go make dinner, scrub my teeth, and head off to bed! Thank you all for the encouragement that you've given me! It makes this journey a lot I said, it's not pretty, I'm just being honest with where I'm at...but I see the's a ways off...but at least I'm headed in the right direction now! 

It has been a while since I've shown off the guns!

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