Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That's Right...Another Post!

What?! Two days in a row you get to hear from me! This is a record...so enjoy it while it lasts! Yesterday after writing my post I eventually got off my booty and headed to the gym. I ran 3 miles and then swam 300 meters...I felt kind of lame because it was exhausting just swimming those consecutive laps...and knowing that I wasn't even a third of the way that I will be when it comes time for the tri was a little intimidating...thankfully, however, that is why I am training! :) 

While swimming I chipped my tooth because I was grinding my teeth really weird...and by the time I was aware of what I was doing I had already chipped my tooth...and then I skinned the top of my hand along the side of the pool wall...so me and swimming have a ways to go! One day at a time! Right!? :D

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know that I had to
care for patients tomorrow! 

Today I biked 8 miles and did strength training. It felt good. I think it really helps having something to train for and to look forward too...I'm also really enjoying mixing up my workouts. For so long I was just running day in and day out and I think I burned myself out...so knowing my runs aren't quite as big and long makes working out a lot easier. I definitely worked up a sweat today. I worked out with my friend Krystal and she was laughing at my butt sweat...and I figure y'all would get a kick out of it as well...so I took a booty sweat picture:

Good stuff right there!!

Tomorrow is my first night shift...so I think I'll probably sleep tonight, wake up, workout, do a little grocery shopping for my work week, and then come home and nap before my shift. So far today my diet has been in check...yesterday I tracked everything I ate...and today it has been the same. I've been really enjoying a popsicle after my workouts!! It's so refreshing and just enough sweetness to give me a little sugar satisfaction!! 

So that my dear friends is the latest and greatest! Slowly but surely...one day at a time!

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