Monday, June 15, 2015

Back amongst the living!

Well what do you know?! I still live and breath...and eat! :D It has been a while since I've had the time to write. Sorry to all who have thought I jumped off of the face of the earth and left you in the dark. I have been busy with my orientation on my new unit...which I absolutely love and adore. This week I transition over to night shift so prayers for smooth transition and adjusting to being a vampire again would be greatly appreciated! 

While I'm sure y'all are dying to hear all my work stories but I know that's not what you really come here to I'll get down to the nitty gritty. I have been lazy. I have enjoyed being lazy. I have successfully gained and lost 10 pounds about 20 times these past few months and...while it was real and it was just wasn't real fun! So, time to stop selling myself short and time to get back on the saddle and finish what I started. Time to start making dreams come true again!

Today I cringed as I saw 213.4 on the scale. I don't really know what I expect to see since my diet has been far from stellar and my exercise has definitely been lagging lately. So I can't change what is done and what hasn't been done...but I can change what I do from here on out. 

My time-off in September was approved and as some of y'all may remember there is a triathlon in Gulf Shores, Alabama that my sister, Erika was telling me about. This triathlon has a 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 6 mile run. I have been wondering if I could really be ready by the time this triathlon is scheduled to occur...September 12, to be precise...but after a phone call to my sister I have been convinced that I'm more than capable of training for this!

I've been doing my homework and found a training plan that I really like the looks of. It consists of working out basically 6 days a week and has AM and PM workouts which I think will work well with my work I can go for a swim before going into work and then run outside when I get home in the mornings. Or go for a bike ride before or after I work. I need to purchase a road bike...I'm hoping to make my big purchase within the next week or so!

I have been running..normally around 3 miles about 3 times a week...but I have been eating way more than I've been burning...hence my not-so-shocking weigh-in. I can feel the weight in my stomach, see it in my face, and feel the sluggishness in general and I'm tired of it. I was looking back at my pictures from my Dallas 5K...and I don't think I ever shared them on my blog! So I shall share them now with y'all!! Hope you enjoy...and I'll write again soon!

Hahaha...selfie after "the poop disaster"

I think the lady's face to the left of Erika sums up the way I smelt here!

I love this face says it all...this is probably 0.2 miles left in the run!
I can still hear Erika saying, "don't stop Maggie...go catch up with David!"

And so I did...but not without having a mini hissy fit before! :)

And the pain was worth it

I like to call us the dream team...making dreams come true...
one day at a time!

I like that they let us customize our bibs, "Fight to Fit"

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